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I finally sucked it up and bought Isis Poi from Salza. I LOOOVVVEEE their heads and the chain is amazing. i love it more than the pro series chains from HoP! They are so ghostly light it's like they aren't even there! And they're perfect for orbitals. And also the flames are HUGE! And after the first few burns they got even BIGGER! These are just a little bit of insanity. I am in love, the only modification I made was I put HoP's old pro series single loop handles made of faux suede on them. The hand;es they came with sucked. Oh well, enough rambling, ENJOY! grin

First song, La Chanson de Carla by Asura
Second, I Can Walk On Water by Basshunter

The only luck is bad luck.

Shut up before I stall my poi up your ass grin

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