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Crikey with Hyperloops jedi moves and isolations i'm really lost. Before i get the post: use the search engine. i think that it may be a good idea to try and explain these new revolutionary crazy tricks. Me along with some other hop visitors are soley educated in the ways of the poi from this site. Therefore we would be much appreciated if all of these new adaptations and moves were explained all in one easy to access thread (i could suggest this one) Many people, i think would get much more enjoyment from learning and teaching their ideas. I believe most people who frequently use this site know all of the poi listed in the tutorial section. but apart from that i/we have to guess. It would be sooo sooo muchly appreciated if there was a list of poi tricks and techniques with a small definition that are not featured on the tutorial section. I feel this would benefit everyone. If you think this is all crap then ignore me. (please don't though ) I thank you all in anticipation.


In short if you know a new move list it. please...

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colemanSILVER Member
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explained here and here .

explained here (sort of) and discussed here .

hope this helps some.

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download the movie by Sanatana and he'll give heaps of hyperloop ideas....(he's good)
and even better...he have explained everything he does in the same thread....

also the movies section here on HOP should be inspirational....

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vain-ego pkBRONZE Member
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there are many othere threads with simpler tricks too listed, with video clips and short descriptions.... i will get round to more videos soon. i have things to rehearse though, 7 weeks and counting.

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