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i am trying to make my own fire poi,i am using a cage but i have no idea what typre of padding to use to adsorb the flamable liquid,what do people surgest?

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you can get Kevlar wicking from the shop on this very site!!

failing that, I have seen towel used, but it doesn't last anywhere near as long!

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Yes, Kevlar is the best (though, not with a cage), otherwise use 100% cotton towel.

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Or thick denim (I heard). I made a pair out of towel once (no cage, I had a bit of wire keeping the stuff together). 3 sets and it was over... I've seen people use very thick woolish like material as well... Hope it helps! biggrin

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the appropriately titled article 'what material should i use for my wick' may be a good place to start.....

go to the top of the page, click 'news', then 'articles' to find it, and multiple other articles that may be helpful


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