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Posted:I think you are supposed to turn, but I don't know if that is exactly right.
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Posted:Orbitals are the long, continuous spins. Like hyperloops on steroids. To get into a hyperloop, you basically do just turn while doing an air wrap. The timing is really obnoxious, and it's the only move where having different colored sock poi really helped me learn it. From a hyperloop you get into an orbital by pulling the cords tight.



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Posted:The main thing I'd say is that you tend to go into orbitals from hyperloops, not airwraps...
There's a subtle but important difference between the 2.

Here's a couple of old tutorials I made - they're not 100% accurate in terms of technical lingo, but in terms of technique they are smile


Hyperloops (with brief discussion on moving into orbitals)

Or Nick's video which is better:


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Posted:Nick'svideo on orbitals is really really good. There's someone else's of him in a workshop that really made it click to me. Pull on the poi when they are facing straight up and down. Idk why it worked, but once I saw that it worked nearly every time.

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Posted:Another thing aside from what SoD mentioned, I find that my orbitals nearly always succeed when done out of an inverted weave. That is, do an inverted 3-beat-weave, and right as the poi are crossing infront of you, tug your hands apart.


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