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KlownyBRONZE Member
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Hello all!

Now I recently just purchased a new fire staff and some of the Neon Tribal Fire salts from HoP's marvelous online retailers! And the whole process was truly amazing! What wasnt amazing was the fact the courriers obviously assumed that everyone in my house did not work and coming at 12 in the afternoon was a logic time to deliver to a home residence. I mean I am a delivery man myself for another company and it is policy to call home residence before even getting in the truck to confirm that someone will be home to recieve the delivery! particularly if they are in the middle of the day...I just wonder why I now have to wait 2 days to recieve something i should have recieved yesterday....'=

Apologies for rant it just bothers me ever so slightly that my company is intrinsically thorough with delivering to residential addresses while others are flippantly out right ignorant to common sense..(And for the record i realise in hindsight having my business address rather than my residential one would have resolved this issue as I am there all day :P)

Anyone else suffer the "you must wait now because you werent here when we were" blues?

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ElectricBlueGOLD Member
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I don't know it seams fairly reasonable to me. As much as i hate missing a package.

The postie has a lot of packages to deliver all over town and it would be pretty much impossible to coordinate with every person a good time to drop it off. Also it would mean that the cost of deliver would be heaps bigger due to all the phone calls and fuel cost because of not being able to plan routes based on location.

If it really bothers you, you can often opt to have them leave the package at the door but that comes with it own risks.

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Mother_Natures_SonSILVER Member
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Don't they just take it to the depot and you can collect it whenever you like?


EeraBRONZE Member
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Couriers think? Hahahahaha, not in their job description - my local one has a habit of leaving registered parcels on my doorstep after tearing off the "sign for" bit, so not only does he leave expensive stuff lying around which *should* have been signed for but he also advertises to the world that no-one's in.

I tend to use a work address instead.

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Gah, couriers are annoying. I get stuff from them routinely, and they have a habit of just leaving the collect slip in the mailbox. Means I have to go into town, pick it up, etc - not really what I paid for, it's annoying. Plus, half the time they don't even come to the door and knock... Grrr.

Has anyone else noticed that they're usually pretty hopeless drivers as well? tongue2

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