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grainne_murphySILVER Member
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ok ive been spinning for pfffft a year and a half...two years ...but i wanna start doing it with fire,,, i just have no idea what to go clueless grainne

MidkiffBRONZE Member
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well there is a combo package from hop that is a cathadral and led set for 70 someodd dollars

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squidBRONZE Member
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HoP solves your needs. When I started, I got a nice set of poi but I didn't think out all the accessories. A good fire blanket, fuel bottle, dip can...its all in there. Only thing its missing is some armguards and a fire extinguisher.

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liquidtrancei dream in circles...
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as good a start as any tbh, thats a pretty fair deal and those are a good pair of firepoi. It's not really worth worrying too much at this stage about the finer points, in 6months or so once your used to the fire and you've played with various designs/weights/chains you might have a more exact idea of what you looking for in a pair smile
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ps- brush up on your fire safety/clothing etc, all the info can be found on here wink

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TideGOLD Member
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I started with cathedrals, and then I got monkeyfists and death stars.

Cathedrals are the most likely to splashing if you hit yourself, but if you spin them off (like, at all) that should not be a problem at all. They're not too hard and fairly forgiving for beginners and give a good burn time.

Monkeyfists are really, really hard, but have a minimal chance of any splashing at all. They've got an even burn time, but if you hit yourself, it'll be a hard one to forget. They're slightly heavier than cathedrals, too.

Death stars aren't hard, but they are really heavy and have MASSIVE flames compared to the other two.

I can imagine tube cores and cylinders being good for beginners, but I reckon cathedrals are good.

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JamethGOLD Member
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Originally Posted By: TideI can imagine tube cores and cylinders being good for beginners, but I reckon cathedrals are good.

I think strength (usually translates to gender and size) should also be considered.

I'm a 162cm woman - I looked at the weight of the cathedral heads in the HOP starter kit, then assembled my own, similar group but using 6cm Mura tubes instead of the cathedral heads. Up til then I'd been using poi heads about 80g, so the Mura suited me better.

SpinnerofDetroitGOLD Member
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I now tend to go with making my own. If you go the making your own route, since you've been spinning for so long. I would say You could make Moonblaze fire heads with 1" to 1.5" wide Kevlar tape. But since the 1" is thinner, you may need like 2 lengths of 10ft or so for each. Or you can do what I'm going to do. Making some big fire heads by using 4 lengths of 1" Kevlar tape from HoP per head, folding them in half, and using the tornado stitch to weave them together. Here's how you do that:

I say that one because it would give a bigger flame, and being experienced as 1.5-2 years, cathedral flam size may disappoint you like it did me. Also cathedrals when they hit you like to spin a ton and the sound is really annoying and it drives me crazy.

Also if you want to do different wick designs, I'd suggest NOT getting the pro series chain as you can't adjust it for the length of the fire poi. Unless you feel like cutting the top off and keeping the swivel welded at the bottom, which I have thought about doing.

You can also do many rope wick designs, they turn out heavier, longer burns and as far as I know, larger flames for the wick size. Rope is also much more expensive though. If you want to save money go with wick tape. Such as, I wanted to make Isis or my own design, same amount of rope. It would've costed $60 in rope, but I'm making one using the folded 1" with the tornado stitch and it's $20 for both heads.

Choosing your wick you want to rate which is most important to you:
Wick size/flame size (rope does give you bigger flame for size than tape, not sure how much more)
Exposed metal (huge for me, I refuse to have it)
Weight (wick tape designs turn out significantly lighter)
$$$ (rope = lots of $$$, tape = little $$$)
Made for you or homemade (homemade = less $$$ and more options, made for you = less work, often better made)
How pretty the wick is (I know, not too important, but we all love sexy looking wicks wink )
If homemade, ease of making (not too important to me for a good wick)
Life of the wick (pretty important if short on money, or wick is $$$)
Roundness of wick (best for people that like to make flaming circles on ground, best for this is monkeyfist)
And don't forget, how much it hurts when you get hit (Monkeyfist = pain, lots of it. wick tape, such as cathedral, very very forgiving. some rope thing like Isis, pretty forgiving, but as far as I know, harder than wick tape)

I would make a list and rate these on a scale of 1 to 5 for importance, or 1 to 10 if you feel like it. Give that list to us, and I'm sure someone here can tell you a great wick option. This is kind of what I went through and I came up with what I'm doing.

And last thing, if you make your own, if you do stuff like continuous apirals like I do, you would want to secure anything with wick tape using an eye-bolt, because something like a triangular quicklink may rip the tape after that kind of stuff.
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