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MidkiffBRONZE Member
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i have a question for all who would answer it what got you interested in poi? was it a friend or something you saw? as to answer my own question one of my friends was spinning glowsticks and told me of fire and i was instantly hooked on the idea

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TranquiliTeaBRONZE Member
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In the last month, I've actually taken the initative to pick up this amazing hobby because of raving and hanging out with my friends that I meet at raves- their always doing something spinny or glow-y.. smile Its really quite fun.

But when I was little, I went to the Renissance Festival in my county and theres always spinners and fire poi there.. Little kids have giant curiousities and apparently good memories too...!

EddieGoJamBRONZE Member
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Well I was an avid hacky sack player and my freshman year of college I got my entire dorm hooked on playing. It went from me being alone or with a friend to huge circles that had to be broken up into smaller ones. Eventually we all started to push our skills to the limit and we started attempting things I never even dreamed of. Then a friend brought devil sticks from his house and I started messing around with those. Once I got really good at the sticks I asked myself, what else is there to do? Are there any other awesome things like this I can learn? Researched it a little bit and I discovered poi. Soon after that I got a staff as well. Those led to other awesome things like juggling and hula hoop! Now I want a Cyr Wheel, but they are DAMN expensive! It's a vicious cycle...

Igneas TempestasGOLD Member
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Its all Nick and Yuta's fault smile

Was randomly browsing through youtube and stumbled on some firedancing videos, which led to Yuta's fire poi video ( the one to the song Endangered Species, youtube for fire poi yuta and its the first ) with Nick's tutorials suggested on the right.

Started browsing and thought hey that looks good fun and impressive, so put some tennis balls in socks and learned a basic butterfly and weave so ordered some sock and LED poi from HoP and got hooked!

I would say Yuta was the wow factor that impressed me, and Nicks philosophy and reasons for spinning, the art of movement, expression through spinning etc was the real draw. I prefer smooth slow dancing type of spinning to the super fast technical glowstringing type, but combining the 2 has interesting results smile

SoopaSILVER Member
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It was coming to the end of the school year last year...holy censored I've been spinning for almost a year now...sorry, I digress, anyway, I needed a physics final exam topic. The teacher wanted us to relate physics to real life, I couldn't find anything that wasn't yet taken to save my life, then I went to the local EDM club one night and they just so happened to be spinning fire there, I had never seen this before and I was immediately in love with it. It wasn't until a week later that I found out the name of this activity and took up it's practice, I aced my final exam and have been in love with poi spinning ever since the night of July 18th 2009

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Saw someone doing it at a festival and thought it looked great and that was only tail poi. Then I saw the fire and knew I HAD to give it a go. grin

EpitomeOfNoviceGOLD Member
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I finally decided to try at GMSF last year and found it soothing and bought a pair of Atom Poi on site for the rest of festival and beyond...

here I am now not whacking myself, spinning at an intermediate level, and have begun playing with fire weavesmiley

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the screw upstranger
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i saw a poi dancer and thought it was cool and i should learn... so i did

someday i will put something witty up here