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Posted:Ive been spinning Sock poi and Glowstrings for about 9 months now and ive spun fire and loved it. My only thing is i dont know if it is worth it. Also, if i do but it when i string i use 32 ince shoe strings what would be a close chain size for me?

so honestly is it worth buying a set and going for it?

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Icarus Forde
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Icarus Forde

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Posted:I think if it's something that you're passionate about, then it's certainly worth it.

You could try these poi: http://www.homeofpoi.com/shop/productDetails/Pair-of-25-inch-Mura-Fire-Poi
If you go with the 28 inch cords, that's going to be the cheapest you'll get... However, I'd check HERE: http://www.homeofpoi.com/articles/shop_faq.php?Print=open#length
and see what length you should be, since I have a feeling that your arms are not 32 inches long. smile


Posted:i know the strings where folded in half to makee the leesh so they where about 16 inchs i think haha.

and yeah i spin everyday


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Posted:Cathedral heads are more than worth the extra cash over tube cores.



Posted:Cathedral was the set i was looking out the pro series are what ever like 80$


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Posted:I use 36 in stings when glowstringing and cut off about 4 in. And then fold in half like you. I got the medium length chains because I liked it a little longer than my strings. If you want it closer to the same you would probably want to go with the small sized ones.
Also-I've never played with the pro-series cathedrals but I got the regular ones recently and love them. Cheaper and just as much fun imo =)

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