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Posted:just wondering i see many people online who are anonomous how many of you are registered? why dont you login? random thought and question

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Posted:Well.... If I browse the forums from somewhere away from home, it doesn't auto log me in so.... theres one possibility *shrug*.


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Posted:Always logs me in automatically at home or work or phone...

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Posted:It's because our nonsensical ramblings scare off a lot of people. Did somebody say something about squirrels?? tongue2

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Posted:12 billion!


Owned by Mynci!


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Posted:I do not, since I usually have something to say. smile

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Posted:I'll log in unless I'm just checking a single topic or price on something.

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Posted:i log on web marshall at work blocks everything not work related(thank god they havent figured this site is not work related)

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