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Forums > Videos > Some strange movements with poi [Varuzhan\'s tech poi video]

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Location: Russia, Saint - Petersburg
Member Since: 16th Jan 2009
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Posted:Hi, this is the new video of my friend. His name is Varuzhan. He is from Moscow, Russia.
in this video is a set of interesting variations and hard stalls.
coolTaste it...

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All High Dude, Ruler of What You Want
Location: Trenton, MI, USA
Member Since: 25th Oct 2009
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Posted:Wow, tell your friend he's nuts. Also, I was diggin the music wink

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i dream in circles...
Location: Scotland
Member Since: 29th Nov 2005
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Posted:love the planeshifting in and out of airwraps, nice variation with the small spin radius smile

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Location: EARTH
Member Since: 22nd Oct 2009
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Posted:Awesome, I have been working on stalls heavily and this has given me some good ideas. Much kudos to your friend for his clean stalls and to you for sharing the video.



Poi explorer
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Member Since: 2nd Feb 2008
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Posted:Nice techniques, precisely some of the stuff I've mostly been working on.

shadow stranger
Location: Carmi, Illinois
Member Since: 29th Nov 2009
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Posted:very complex stall work something i havent gotten into yet but plan on it

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Clark Anderson

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Posted:According to some contemporary sources, Gesualdo also murdered his second son by Maria, .... poi che t'assenti", both of which are in Book Six, published in 1611). ... first movement, and a recording of some madrigals by Gesualdo took its place. ... as I listened to these strange products of a Counter-reformation