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Smurf24029GOLD Member
Poi Master Smurf
343 posts
Location: Tacoma, Washington, USA

No matter what toy you have but how many and what kind.

I myself have a pair or rainbow led poi balls in Aurora socks, Pro series led poi balls in jail house sock, Plus 2 extra pairs of poi socks and batteries. Then I have my fire poi, and then a monkey fist rope dart made with some wake boarding rope. So 3 poi 1 rope dart

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DannyRoseGOLD Member
Love is life
16 posts
Location: Northwest Ohio, USA

1 set monkey fist fire poi
1 set of water flowlights with crystal cases and weight
1 set of cone poi
1 striped sock poi
1 HoP LED strobing balls (with homemade counterbalanced handles from old skateboard wheels)
set of homemade double staffs (just started making attempts at learning)
and soon a set of home made fire snakes.
by christmas I should have 80mm contact poi, earth and nebula flowlights with cases and hopefully a set of buugeng.

"All I knew was Love" - Papadosio

Stnd54SILVER Member
42 posts
Location: Manchester/Essen, Germany

Pair of fire poi
Pair of flowlights with crystal cases and weight
Pair of cone poi
Pair of sock poi
Pair of really ghetto homemade poi
Pair of angel wings
3-piece concentrate staff
Ghetto super-light homemade staff
A 4-inch stage ball (orange of course)
Oh and a set of juggling balls

I totally want to steal thirteens collection of flowlights ;p

Chris_Lu1DIAMOND Member
Flow Artist
67 posts
Location: USA

Just added the following:
(parts for one more dragon staff and two fire whips pictured but not yet made)


Sorry for the quality, I couldn't find the second picture.

5 posts


-23 yoyos
-4 sock poi
-2 diablos
-3 4 inch stage balls
-4 3.5 in. stage balls
-3 bags for juggling
-3 bounce balls
-8 heavy metal balls
-3 clubs
-15,000 yoyo strings

lol i started with yoyos

"I need string nao."

Poi on EarthGOLD Member
Intergalactic Space Hippie
6 posts
Location: Earth, USA

1. Flowtoys crystal poi with double mass and silicone knob handles
2. Ninja Poi with custom PX3 handles with a swivel
3. Custom green 80mm MB stage ball poi using colecord and a silicone knob handle.
4. Custom orange 72mm MG stage ball poi using nylyon rope and DIY knob handles.
5. Flowpoi Duo with HoP single loop handle
6. HoP Cone Poi.
7. DIY fabric poi somewhat resembling HoP Cone Poi
8. HoP LED poi balls, the ones with 30 modes with DIY bouncy ball handles
9. My very first poi, hemp string with small washers tied to the bottom as a weight, put together incredibly fast.
10. DIY 4.5" braided fire poi heads (like the "Twista" braid) on 2.4mm chain and the wooden ball handles with a swivel.
11. DIY 4" cathedral fire poi heads
12. DIY 2" cathedral fire poi heads (my first fire poi :))

Two sets of poi being shipped at the moment. About 15 Flowlights, ohhh and my 6L collapsable contact Flowstaff. All of my LED and Contact poi use Colecord, however I'm excited to try the Flowcord.

My ever-growing collection of flow, as I like to call it. Cleaning out my wallet like no other lol.


rustyjelloSILVER Member
1 post
Location: USA

It's Getting Ridiculous

2 Water
2 Air
2 Love
2 Watermelon
3 sets of crystal cases 2 with mases
3 sets of flow leashes
Flow poi cases
Flow poi duo's
Flowtoys 8L contact staff
Px3 handles

Home of poi stuff
Whole made 8ft of wick cathedrals chains and swivels bought supplies on HOP
Pro Monkey Fists with silicone ball handles
80mm Orange mb Contact poi

From other places
Fire Flow wand
Led programmable Pixle poi
Led persistence of motion poi
LEM Gloves
made Glow in the dark mb 80mm contact poi with px3

antonovcBRONZE Member
2 posts
Location: USA

1 pair of monkey fist poi, all kevlar heads, with weighted monkeys fist handles..
1 pair of Triple monkeys fist poi, smallest head being at the top, with 3 different sizes of heads depending on position.
1 pair of glow poi
1 set of double staves
1 set of Torch Poi
1 set of custom fire fans (soon to come)
Countless sets of sock poi..

Cattiva_GattinaSILVER Member
2 posts
Location: USA

LED hoop, regular hoop, fire hoop, sock poi, fire poi, fire fans, sliding fire orb on the way (just ordered).

Wish list includes a fire levitation wand and fire fingers.

2 posts

Ive got 1 glow sock poi and a pair of poi.


Gary_CifersSILVER Member
64 posts
Location: Oklahoma, USA

DIY fire cane and a pair of money fists... sitting over here being jelly at the people that can afford all these awesome toys lol
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Trybal WolfSILVER Member
Wolf Furry
517 posts
Location: Earth, USA

6L collapsible staff
6L collapsible contact staff
double staves
clubpoi trio
crystal poi

DIY sparkle poi
DIY sock poi
DIY Staff

I'd rather die on paws, than live on feet.

Brandon_DerryBRONZE Member
16 posts
Location: Canada


I own:

- 1 set of fire poi with ball chain
- 1 glow ball pair attachable to ball chain
- 1 pair of blue sock poi
- 1 pair homeade contact poi (orange heads)
- 1 pair homeade monkey fist rope poi

I hope to continue my collection!

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