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Posted:At least to me, and it can be spun, swung or balanced. An umbrella. Strip an old umbrella down to the metal frame and attach wicking at ends and cross pieces. Soak and light. I am figuring it can be swung (since I am just starting with it) in a similar fashion to clubs (correct me here if I am wrong, I don't know clubs so well) or like flags.It can be open and twirled or used for balance contact juggling-esque well as tossed about a bit.I am planning on adding it to an oriental silk and fire show I am developing for the Comic and Role Playing Conventions (yes I am a geek
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) I am performing at this year. What do you think? Has anyone done/seen this and how did it work? Any quirks I might run into?Thanks and oh..I'm so happy!------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir...

Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir
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Posted:You've got some good ideas on this. I imagine you could get some nice swings similar to torch swinging or flag spinning. Quirks, yes, off the shelf umbrellas can get destroyed real quick like after one or two uses. Maybe, once you've refined what you're doing, you could get one fabricated to your needs.Diana




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Posted:That sounds really cool. Here's an idea--start the performance with the brolly closed, and do a fire-sword type of routine. Then flip it open, and it's singin' in the rain with a twist------------------Adam Rice ::

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