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Posted:a short lil video showing some of the poi moves i typically go back to when thinking about what to do next. this could apply to any prop, though...

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Posted:Hmmm... Nice idea!
It's really sickness of freestyle.

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Posted:Your safe moves are substantially more interesting than my safe moves at this point tongue2

I think I've become too comfortable with outright stalls to get me from A to B, and am only just beginning to really appreciate pendulums and hybrids.



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Posted:Much more interesting than mine as well.
Btw, a long time ago I stumbled across a few of your videos and lost them. Now I found them again grin
I have to say I'm lovin your bud Conway. I wish I could have firefans like Grim, and still have them foldable. I'f you do know of any please lik me, because I want a nice one with a spinning hole, but still folds if possible. If not, I'm having a hard time deciding.

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