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I was wondering if it was safe to use as a chain. If not, how can I remove the chrome?

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safe in which context? heat transfer? chemical reactivity? stress/strain? toxicity?

i cannot think of why it wouldnt be safe for normal spinning.

from memory, the advantages of chrome plate would be zero corrosion, and it would look shiny and pretty.

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Chrome plated steel might give off some fumes as the chrome peels off due to the heat, same for galvanized. The fumes might give you a headache, but even that is highly unlikely if you burn in 'a well ventilated area' wink

Can't say I know anything about the integrity of the steel itself...

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call the blacksmith!

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Chrome plated chain should be just fine. You shouldn't get any fumes (unlike with galvanised).

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I use chrome plated dog chain, it is fine, though does rust after a while.

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