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I went to Electric Zoo here in NY 2009, and got my first taste of glowstringing. I saw my first Fire Poi back in 2006, but never gave it a try. I just started a month ago with some shoe strings and glow sticks and I incorporate some practice at the gym. I feel that the weight isn't there to help the sticks move well enough, and I wondered, should I be gravitating toward other/better tools to get better at moving?

Flowlights caught my attention obviously, but when I'm still slapping the glowsticks together now and then, I feel it would be a wise investment to stick with my cheaper sticks for now.

My question is, how easy is it to transfer from a weighted Beginner Poi, to a glowstick, or a flowlight? Would I be better off getting beginner fuzzy Poi and leashes, and THEN doing the LED light show? Or stick to my cheap glowsticks maybe upgrade to some leashes?

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Originally Posted By: Sister Eleven100g isn't bad. It's a tennis ball with 8 nickels inside, which is about what I have in my cone Poi. Much lighter than that and they can be all floppy and weird. I use Sock Poi with tennis balls, but only where there isn't a breeze or where I don't want to go fast.

You should use some sort of fill. I use the stuff you put in vases. Plastic bits. Fill, type flip inside out tie turn inside in and make handles. The Sock Poi are awesome that way. I think I started inside out and did another pass or something. I think it's the best thing for practicing anything.

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warning, if you start with glowsticks, you need to typically go much faster. If you get good with them it'll take a while to slow down to poi's artisticness and precision.

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