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Posted:Okay so I practice with Sock Poi (who doesn't?) but I don't like how much they stretch, sure I could buy some of the HoP non stretch cotton Poi but I already have several homemade pairs of Sock Poi anyway and I don't see much of a point in buying new ones for only one reason. My ultimate question is what do you think is the best way to stretch your Sock Poi out almost completely so they stretch as little as possible while spinning? Currently I have been washing them in cold water and letting them hang to dry and have been tying weights to them and hanging them from something, it seems to be working but very very slowly so I wanted to see if anyone had the "quick fix" solution or if it simply is and always will be one of those gradual things.

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Posted:Put in some heavy weights and have a good spin session. The best way to make them stretchy and good is to use them often and break them in. No subsitute for a good pair of broken in socks.

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Posted:I met this spinner cpl weeks ago and he was really good, he told me that what he does and im trying to remember im not sure if its all exact, but soak in cold water for cpl of minutes then stretch them out on a corner of your wall putting the tip of the sock and the hole of the sock at seperate corners stretched out as much as possible and put thumb tacks in each side to hold and then let them sit for 2 days. takes all the stretch out


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Posted:The more you use them the less stretch they'll have. Takes a while but it will happen.

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Posted:rrrrrrrrrrrrip - the more you stretch them the faster they will break...

ever considered balls at strings on the inside of your sockpoi?
super non-stretchy alternative, still with the benefits of sockies and almost everlasting...

btw this would better suited in "Technical" [/pedantic]

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Posted:I'd like to know what kind of socks they are buying that keep that much tension...


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Posted:I'm completely with you i hate the stretch in socks i use eric Poi the uv sock ones they are made of the most amazing material they have no stretch in them at all

but when i use Sock Poi i stretch them out by wetting them and then tieing them around the up right parts of a railing (tie one end to the other) and then putting a stick through the middle and then twisting the stick round and round until it won't turn any more and then turning the stick horizontal so it stays in place and then i leave them there for a few days the longer the better

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Posted:Originally Posted By: FireTom
btw this would better suited in "Technical" [/pedantic]

Werd. Social chat is mostly about postwhoring (i.e, posting mostly inane nonsense) these days. Whilst there are totally some good answers in this thread, checking out this thread is a good idea if you have any spinning related questions. This part of the forum is mostly for general sillyness and chat. smile


So it turns out this was actually posted in socil discussion, not chat. So Imma gonna ask for my previous comments to be struck from the record. I've moved this to the technical forums. Hope nobody minds! x

*another edit*

DUDE! We can't move threads now?

Weak. frown

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Posted:Weird folk ya'll tongue2 . I much prefer the strechyness of socks. I love the bouncy feel it gives, and how it feels elastic.


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