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for a show i would like to write letters onto a wall,...
I thought about regular Kevlar, but i can not be as creative with that, compared with a paste or something similar. Has anybody ever tried that?

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Posted:A solid wall would be fairly hard to do.
What you want is a wire mesh on a stand that you can tie things to.



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Posted:Or simply kevlar coiled around wire that gets bracketed to the wall?

Though... one thing you WILL have to remember is that when you light it the fire will come up, so letters will not quite look like letters unless they are rather large, the flame will obscure fine detail if thats what you're intending.

Unless of course you can find some way around that... limiting surface area would limit flames in certain areas.

In light of that, UCOFs idea sounds like it could work in that way, different sized ropes or some such thing?

I'm sorry, I really don't have an answer for you... but these are at least some points to mull over, or perhaps some lovely person in here will get a brainwave off this.

Good luck and most importantly.. take photos for us when you're done. grin grin

Perhaps you could tell us more about the setting??? Does it need to be able to be set up in different locations or is it able to be somewhat fixed? What is its specific purpouse other than its ultimate purpouse of looking awesome. grin



Carpal \'Tunnel

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Posted:Yeah good point...

You need LARGE letters, about 1.5 - 2 metres high.


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Posted:You could get some Pyrogel,

or: http://www.prudhoemagic.co.uk/fire-magic/fuse-trick-spirit-fire-writing-solution-p-698.html

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Posted:damn! Wish I'd come across this thread earlier, have just made a mesh frame with paper rope and paraffin wax letters but the letters are only about a metre high.... the flame will burn down though and show the letters quite quickly, right?

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Posted:always a matter of trial and error...

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