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Posted:Just watched the video called "The Shaolin Temple" with Jet Li.There are some really inspirational stuff in it. I especially liked the guy swinging the rope dart under his back whilst he "wiggled" lying with his back on the ground
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. I am definitly going to give that one a go
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I really can recommend this movie
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for seeing rope dart and staff moves.Malcolm

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Posted:its a good move malcolm, i've tried it myself. (difficult though
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)for some more martial arts action (with some but not much chain moves ),,try "iron Monkey" (also jet li? )its sub-titled but action packed
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by far the best agility and strength i've seen in martial artists for ages.


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Posted:I just saw this movie yesterday after Rick recommended it on a rope dart thread. I liked it alot, Flipmodius and I slowed the rope dart scene down super slow and tried to thieve some stuff but he was originally spinning it so fast that it was unintelligable.
Also, there was a little weapon used before it that kinda looked like a crossbreed between poi and ropedart, like just one 4 foot long poi. Anyone seen this or know what I'm talking about?



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Posted:Sounds like a chain whip AKA 11-sectional staff.

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for the record, the 3 section staff is quite different in form or function to the 7 or 9 section chain whip.(obviously the one you mentioned durbs was slightly different ) Both are classfied as 'soft' wushu weapons for their ability to deform, and the former weapon lends itself well to staff forms whereas the latter is ace-cellent as a source of acrobatic poi.

The move mentioned in Malcolm's opening thread I can perform with a heavy 3section, but i have no chain whip to try it out with.

weapons are nice to watch but are less relevant in an age of firearms and nachos.

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Posted:fun to watch.....and even more fun to play.

IMO fun = funtabulously relevent

I saw the Shaolin Monks do lots of acrobatic stuff with weapons when they came to Toronto last year. The end performers did the move you're talking about Malcolm. It was so sweet!

I think they're still touring>>if you're into Martial Arts it's worth the money.

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Posted:I will try to check out this movie.

When I was a kid I they used to show the "drive in movie" on a local tv station in NY on saturdays at 3pm.
It was always a kung-fu movie.

If you haven't seen "The Kid with the Golden Arms" or "The Five Deadly Venoms" start looking for them!

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Posted:The supposed Shaolin Monks are still touring. They are here next month I think. Whoopee! Not!



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Posted:i saw it with demios as she already said and the stuff he was doin with the rope dart was amazing i could only pick out the mechanics of one move easily tho i won't be able to do it well for some time. the move where he swings the rope under him while doing really small rubber bands.

some will understand. -buddah


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