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Posted:Hi, I'm wondering how to do the move that Nick Woolsey does at 4:38-4:41
in his Spiral wraps tutorial: Poi Lesson: Spiral Wraps It seems like some sort of "spiral wrap-catch". If someone could link to or post a tutorial on how to do it, it would be much appreciated.

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Posted:I think he is just pulling his hands apart to keep accelerating after a less than optimal final wrap.

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Posted:Yeah, its just the same as a spiral wrap, really, but with a lot less wrapping going on.

See how he moves his hands in a circular plane to make them end up horizontal to one another? Thats probably the hardest part about it.

Try it with one hand above the other instead.

It will require some degree of isolation in order to position your hands in relation to your poi properly.

Have a go at catching the poi heads out of a full iso. Make sure you lead one poi head into your hand before the other and allow the other to fall it to make the catch easiest on yourself.



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Posted:It's really just a spiral wrap with your hands a little less than one poi distance apart. You can do it with your hands arranged opposite anywhere around the circle.

As requested: here's a video on how to do it along with some other variants to play with if you like this one.



Posted:Thanks you Drex, I really appreciate the time and effort you put into your video. smile