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Best fire theatre of BY, PL and UA in 2007, Bychyna competition
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Hello, dear Friends!

First of all, sorry for my scrappy English... 8)

I am a leader of spelling fire-theatre troupe. At the end of April (27...30) we all are going to visit Prague and to perform for some days on the streets of this amazing city.

we are working in a field of Fire Performance and Medieval Open-Air Theatre. You can see us at We are going to see Prague, to perform on the streets, to make some fireshow, maybe.

Can You, please, give me some advices about it?

Is there any good places to make theatre / fireshow performances on the streets of Prague?

Is there any bad places to make theatre / fireshow performances on the streets of Prague?

Is it may be any problems with the police?

What to say policemans?

Is there any theatre/fire troupes in a field of Medieval theatre / fire performance in Prague, who want to meet Us?

Is there any Dance schools of Traditional dances, who want to got the Belarusian, Baltic or Bretagne dances workshops?

Can anyone host Us or part of us?

Thank You in advance!

Best Regards,
Aliaksej "Bekar" Burnosenka,
Open Air medieval Theatre
"DiGrease's Buffoon Theatre"
phone: 00375 29 5076263
Minsk, Belarus

Best Regards, Aliaksej <span style="font-weight: bold">"Bekar"</span> Burnosenka,<br />Fire and Medieval Theatre <span style="font-weight: bold"> "DiGrease's Buffoon Theatre"</span> <br /> <br />e-mail:<br />phone: +375 29 5076263<br />Minsk, Belarus