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zeuyaBRONZE Member
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Location: Manchester, United Kingdom

Hi guys

Really wanting to learn the art of the Bullwhip... I've found a couple of DVD's and books online, but before I purchase, was wondering if anyone could recommend a learning source or point me in the right direction?

Also, as I'm obviously going to have to purchase a whip, whats the deal with length? is shorter easier / safer than longer for beginners?

Thanks smile

ElectricBlueGOLD Member
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First port of call for me would be the stock whip thread in the other toys forum, There is heaps of good info and a great place to ask questions.

As far as length of your first whip it sort of depends on you and on who you are talking to. I started with an 9 foot whip that somebody gave me as a gift, and although i did learn a few things but i struggled with the weight of it.

Then i attended a work shop at the circus festival where Tigerlill suggested i give a 4 foot stock whip a try. I found it heaps easier to learn tricks with that one and have now been able to transfer them on to the longer whip too. So yeah i would recommend something around the 4 foot length.

I also brought two dvds:
Fundamental whipcracking techniques by Michael Murphy


Beginner's whipcracking and whip maintenance by Simon Martin

I actually learned a lot by seeing the two peoples different teaching techniques but if you want to pick one to start with i would recommend the one by Simon Martin because it has good coverage of whip maintenance and teaches you how to properly make and tie the popper on you whips.

Other than that i strongly recommend wearing glasses and wide brim hat when you are learning new cracks so you don't hit your self in the eye or ear.

Also finding some one in your area to jam with will really help.

Good Luck smile

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Mr MajestikSILVER Member
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simon martin is an awesome guy! he also makes really nice whips, you should consider investing in one wink

personally i think five foot is ideal for beginners, just because i think with shorter whips you have to be very precise with your movements and as ElectricBlue said longer whips are very very heavy for the uninitiated.

in terms of safety, its more about being patient with what you're learning (dont think going faster makes it work better! it makes it hurt better!) and learning cracks that crack away from the body first while you get used to the feel of your whip.

hat and glasses is good plan for beginners!

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zeuyaBRONZE Member
22 posts
Location: Manchester, United Kingdom

Thanks guys, I'll definately be tracking down those DVDs and having a good watch and play once I've bought my first whip.

Thanks again! smile

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