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I was wondering if anyone could help me. My flatmate has brought me a braided leather bullwhip back from america but unfortunatley it's broken. I've looked on the internet but I can only find out how to replace the fall and this one doesn't seem to have one, from what I can tell the cracker was held inside the braiding which is now unravelling.

Does anyone have any idea how I would go about repairing this? There's a photo of the end of it here



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Posted:Yeah i had the same problem with a whip that i found. It is fairly simple to replace a fall but not when the braiding has come undone. In the end i bit the bullet and just took it to a saddle maker to fix , they did a great job and it wasn't very expensive at all.

Now because they fixed the braided knot that the fall goes in i am able to replace the fall easily next time i need to.

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Posted:Maybe get in touch with TheBovrilMonkey.

I'll send him this way to see what he says.


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Posted:i dont get it, there appears to be a rope down the centre of your whip? confused2

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Posted:Hmm, I'm not really sure how the cracker attaches on that one, but it's not the first whip I've seen that uses rope as the core.

It might be easiest to trim back the rope core slightly and use the ends of the braided section to tie on a fall. You'd lose a couple of inches, but gain more than that back with a fall.
It'd also make tying on new crackers in the future a lot easier.

Having said that, a few questions..

How long's the whip from the tip to the end of the handle?
How wide is it at the tip and and the handle?
How wide's the rope core at the tip?
What's the black and red stuff on the cracker and on the white part of the braid?
How flexible is the leather?

Also - while you work out how to sort it out, I'd tie a bit of string around the tip, fairly tight, just about where the braid starts coming undone - hopefully that'll stop it unravelling any further.

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