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Forums > Videos > Beginner Poi Video ~ critiques please

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Member Since: 24th Mar 2009
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Posted:So in love with this form of expression! Started 3 weeks ago...so much to learn! Would love any suggestions!

Thanks smile

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Posted:Hi stranger!

Looking beautiful! Good skills, specially for such short time!
Not much critique, you are doing great, but i would suggest jumping round more, letting your feet move too... and try having some fun exploring tempo changes, from slow to fast, and level changes, from super high extended positions, to very low, or on the ground ones.

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Member Since: 24th Mar 2009
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Posted:Ahh thank you so much! Yes!! Tempo ~ definitely have to work on that! And transitions and less repetition and more footwork and stalls ~ ahh lol so fun! This must take years to perfect smile Love it!


Member Since: 24th Mar 2009
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Posted:I just wanted to add some wonderful advice I received from my love who spins chucks...thought it may help some other beginners.

A few constructive suggestions/thoughts..

1) One thing you might be able to work on is this constant flux and shift between all of these moves...working on several 2-5 "chained-up" combinations that allow you to connect planes and angles with a degree that would be nearly impossible if they weren't practiced before hand.

2) I think even more foot movement could work really well too. I've found that shifting footwork can make the same moves feel like they have a sort of evolution. Your hips already do it..god..very nicely...perhaps have your feet move a little more as well.

3) I really think stalls will make you really ahhhh-mazing! Adjusting tempo and syncopation adjustments would really add so much...it just seems like it would be a natural part of your style... I think a stall could be such a flirty move, especially the way you spin. wink I'd make tempo adjustments a high priority. Being able to stop, or short flurries that bounce in and out...I just think it will make it feel even more alive. I'm just thinking about meenik again..that man is a madman with that.

4) One thing I loved about your new video is watching when one poi did something slightly different than the other. I saw some circles where one arm would bounce more outward..it really created a neat accentuation! Wonder if there are more discoveries? I personally love it when poi spinners often shift where the center of the circle is at..because it is often at the base (midsection of the body). Like the windmill and wave put the poi around your head, and it keeps it refreshing and exciting. I think more moves to keep the circles dancing around your body, would also add an element that is pretty awesome. Chuck spinners are notorious for keeping the circle right at base level almost the entire freestyle.

about #1, it is because I see some repetitions... A good example is the beginning... a move happens, repeats several times and then shifts (usually). I think this is just a matter of time though..and connection... This really is a matter of connecting dots that you already know, and creating combinations and shifts within them.

In music, if I have repeating patterns, I am either thinking about how I can have it evolve something -- even if it's just a swaying body move, or an outstretched arm (through each cyclic repetition) or transition to somewhere else. I rarely repeat anything 3 times in a row...unless there is something else subtly shifting.


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Posted:Try not looking at your poi. Look at a right angle to your poi... Try using a wall plane a lil bit, Reels and stuff. smile



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Member Since: 12th Oct 2007
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Posted:I think you did great grin.

A minor comment:

Planes. The beginning you did your weaves and you were looking at the camera. The best way to view a weave is from the side angle. Basically, its not about you, its about the person watching it. Honestly seeing the weave from that point of view sucks, it doesn't look very good. Imagine straight lines coming from your body and try to keep those lines in your thoughts when spinning.

Other than that, you kicked ass for *3weeks* (seriously?) of practicing. If that is true, then you have a very bright future of spinning ahead of you.

I recommend getting with other people that spin, and just soak it up like a sponge. View as many youtube videos you can, and keep thinking about it. You have major potential keep it real grin.


Member Since: 24th Mar 2009
Total posts: 9
Posted:Thank you smile I so appreciate the advice and encouragement! I hope to be spinning for-(well)-ever actually wink. Just ordered my first fire poi! woohoo!

3 weeks is accurate lol, I am but a grasshopper smile

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