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Any insite on how to make heart shapes? I have seen references to them and pics online, but nothing on the technical aspect. Any ideas?

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short poi between arms in front of a face then make something like beckward butterfly on big arms and stall them somewhere around your knees smile
Something like that should do

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Two stalls: One in front of you off a butterfly, take them out along the same path and then a diagonal stall at the bottom.

Could be fun to play with the idea though....

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Hardest part isnt making the shape... its getting the timing on the camera just right.


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^^^For sure

I can't lie though,
light Painting is a lot of fun.

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Can some one please post a video of this in order to better help me and other visual learners understand how to make a heart shape?

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easiest way: short poi, I mean really short as in almost burning your hands.

- hold'em up in front of your face

-- (push the button on the camera, set to "bulb")

- pull the poi a little further up and apart (form the upper shape of the heart) - diagonal upward movement

- separate hands and stretch to the very extent on shoulder height
as you come down, the hands get back together

-- (push button on camera (or release - depend on camera) to end exposure)

you still will have to run through a few tries until you get used to the movement and realize how to make the shape of the heart right...

visualize how to draw a heart on a huge canvas... should work without tutorial

--- tricky point is to start exposure and movement synchronized. If you wait with the movement, the top end of your heart will flare out due to the flames. it needs to be a fluent move.

--- hint: don't use fully soaked poi, the heat of the flames may start to bother you...

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