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Posted:I had a staff given as a present for jesus' birthday. But its a fire staff, and being a beginners i am dropping my staff alot. Is this going to damage the kevlar so in further months i will not being able to set alight or should i be okay? Help as i have stopped practicing while i wait for reply, and is on top of my things to do.

Bonita x

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Posted:Hi Bonita, I wouldnt worry about it too much. Kevlar is pretty tough, if your really worried about damaging it though you could wrap some electrical tape around the ends to stop any fraying to begin with. Thats what I did with my doubles anyway.

If you go to any local meets/conventions etc you'll notice a lot of very frayed, well loved staffs, it kind of comes with the territory grin

Hope this helps


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Posted:Nah - it's kinda designed to be dropped smile

It might become a bit fluffy, which has a minor effect on burn-time, but makes it easier to light.
Now get back out there and practise smile

If you're really worried, wrap a sock or 2 over each end, or buy wick covers

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Posted:or beer coozies....ya know that you put bottles in


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Posted:Yeah, we use those bottle sleeves for our staff ends, but they tend to and a bit of weight and drag to them so we usually just use it to keep it from getting stuff sooty... If the fraying bothers you particularly, dab some white PVA glue (like Elmer's school glue) on and allow it to dry overnight - it's fireproof and will halt the fraying.

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