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na navnadenie:) par videi a informacii o lektoroch na SLOVAK JUGGLING CONVENTION 2009

rob thorburn (organizator uberevents, vynikajuci zongler a performer. palice, poi, contact juggling, klasicke zonglovanie a hocico ine. je to jeden z top zonglerov, akych poznam.)

(ziadne ine som nenasiel, david urcite dake ma)

ros vitkovich (robova frajerka, na ubereurope robila workshopy na choreografie, prejav a podobne srandicky. naposledy co viem, tak bola v skupine jam, skvela dievka to je isto.)

(jedno extra stare videjko, ale jedno z najoblubenejsich)

z fenfiru zatial sebastian berger odmietol, ale markus liszt (ten najvyssi) by mal mat cas (fenfire je jedna extra dobra skupina z viedne. velmi inovativni zongleri su hlavne spominani seb a markus, ktori boli aj na poslednom let them fly 3 v bb v juni tohto roku.)

meast (francuz, o ktorom skoda rozpravat. chalan ma neskutocnu charizmu a chalani ani nepustajte svoje dievky same na ten workshop, lebo budu este mesiac zo sna kricat jeho meno. fakt neprehanam. navyse s palicou to vie tak ako nikto. navyse je vyborny v swingoch a contact jugglingu.)

cyril (stretli sme ho v atenach na ejc minuly rok a boli sme uchvateni jeho technikou. robi velmi svieze a technicky dokonale veci, na ktore sa fakt dobre pozera. dufam ze pride aj s meastom. francuzi sa ako jedini zatial nevyjadrili.)

gora (nas oblubeny madar. .) skvely typecek s kvantom skusenosti. ako prvy mi ukazal co to z kontaktu. velmi sa na neho tesime. ocakavame, ze spravi workshop s acrobalancom. ti ktori boli naposledy v bb vedia o com je rec. vselijake pozicky a ludia pozavesovani jeden na druhom.)

(posielajte smsky na cislo 1799 .)

tulen (stary znamy pre pravidelnych navstevnikov workshopov. radi ho tu zase uvidime.)

vitek (polsky kuzelkar zo skupiny kejos, z ktorej sme pred letom privitali akrobatku kashu. tentokrat pojde o kuzelkove workshopy.)

takze snad sme vas navnadili a viac videjok a fotiek a informacii bude coskoro na novej stranke venovanej vyhradne workshopu.

kazdopadne si vybavte hned po novom roku dovču na vikend 6-8 marec. .)

There is something interesting going ...

check this out,




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Posted:Even when Richee isn't posting tech theories, very few can understand him... wink

Any chance of something in English, Richee?


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There's this bomberclad wicked poi convention which is going to seriously prod buttock.

Sadly, some hippies are likely to try and come along and take drugs and discuss horoscopes, these people are:
etc etc.

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Posted:i'll not be discussing horoscopes, i'll have you know... tongue2

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For tune smile few videos and information about tutors at SLOVAK JUGGLING CONVENTION 2009

Rob Thorburn

(Uberevents organizer, excellent juggler and performer. Staff, Poi, contact juggling, classic juggling and what so ever. One from the top jugglers I know.)

(Didn't found any other, Dave sure has some..)

Ros Vitkovich

(Rob's girl, done workshops at Ubereurope in choreography, expression and other fun. A last I know, she was in Jam group, awesome girl for sure.)

(one extra old vid, but one from the favourite)

Sebarstian Berger

(Negotiate till now, but )

Makrus Liszt

(the tallest) should have time (Fenfire is extra good group from Vienna). Inovative jugglers as mentioned, Seb and Markus, which were at the last 'Let them fly 3' in B at June this year.)


(French, who talks about is speachless. Man, unreal charisma and boys do not left your girls at this workshop, cause they will scream his name a month later then. Fact, no offense. At least with staff he knows like nobody elese. At last he's perfect in swinging and contact jugging.)


(We've met him in Helas at EJC last year and we was excited by his technique. Does fresh and technicaly perfect routines, have a really good look at all. Hopefully he comes with Maest. French, the only din't make possession yet..)


(Our faourite Hungarian. Great man, who first showed what from the contact. Looking foreward to him. Expecting, he does a workshop with acrobalance. Those who was the last time in BB knows what I'm talking about. Eversome positions and people one on one.)

[transnote: Also known as 'Icarian games']

(send sms on number 1799 .)


(Old friend, regular participant. We like to see him again.)

[transnote.: CZ Core team .. wink ]


(Poland club spinner from Kejos group, who we welcomed a year before the acrobatics Kasha.)

So, hope we tune you up, more vies and photos and information will be soon and new webpage exclusively for workshops.

Sure, make just after the new year a free time at weekend 6-8 at March.


All right, so I've translated a bit..

more to come,



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