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Posted:Hey this is my 1st post and not sure im at the right place.

I want to order the LED sock poi but want to know if its possible to add swivels to them so I can do Uber loops......and if there are swivels on the socks will it be a problem to remove the led balls for battery replacement,etc?


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Posted:I am not sure, but I do know that Nick Woolsey has socks with swivels on them, and HoP was supposed to start selling them at one point or another, but I have not seen them on there.

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Posted:I belive there is a side-hole in the socks to remove the LED balls (you may want to ckeck that with someone who actually has a pair- I just played with someone else's) so adding a swivel shouldn't cause a problem in that way.

To be honest though, I'm not sure if it would be easier to make the sock part from scratch- and just add LED balls..

You could try this post in the technical discussion- may have more luck finding info there smile


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Posted:Yep, HOP uses a side opening for the balls/weights; the swivel won't interfere with it. Adding swivels should be no problem - just get a D-ring to connect the swivel to the end of the sock, and you can either tie it on or sew it on (the latter will look a lot better, but also be more permanent).

Personally, I don't like the look of glowing sock poi - if you want the glow you might do better ordering HOP's glow poi (the ones with the string tethers) and replacing the cord with Colecord or something else a little beefier than their nylon string. I use paracord, myself. But if you do that, then you can add a swivel on the handle end and the head end, if you like that sort of thing. smile

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Posted:Sounds like a plan....might look into that but I like socks that glow in black light and have a glowing ball in them.Still have to decide though but thanks for the replies.


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Posted:earlier this year, mr chutney set about putting swivels on his socks. to do so, he cut the poi (yes, cut, with scissors) slightly higher than the counterweights (the weights in the handles), then got a pair of those fishing swivels nick reccomends, and simply tied the poi to them.

he was quickly getting awesome orbitals with them, but said he much prefered to hold them in a way that the swivels werent in use while he was just normally spinning, then slightly adjust his grip when he wanted to do an orbital

best of luck smile


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Posted:At around 3:10 on Nick's -how to make sock poi- video he shows his swivel sock poi and how to make them.

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Posted:the hop sock poi are really so that might be something you also need to think about

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would you want one ?
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Posted:Originally Posted By: JanetMage
would you want one ?

Well, if you had swivels it'd make stuff like orbitals and hyperloops a lot easier and less tangly.

I believe what Nick Woolsey has is a sewn loop in his sock poi, which he then threads through into the swivels (like you would a lanyard) and another loop to attach to the other end of the swivels for a handle.

And it's been a long time since it was asked, but HoP is selling them now I think: here

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