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Anyone got any advice of how to do clowning?

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Well, there is alot to cover.

My first advice is to see if there is any place near you that offers classes.

Beyond that, learn to project emotions with your face and body, not relying souly on sound. Make a list of emotions, stand in front of a mirror and give it a whirl.
Clowns rely heavily on physicality so any movement studies would serve you well also.

I also tell students to look at a normal object and think of unique ways to use it. This helps with clowning.

Watch clowns.
YouTube will be a huge asset for you.
John Quigley is my absolute all time favorite. He does/did alot with Cirque Du Soliel and he really has great vision.

What type of clown do you want to be?
There are several archetypes and which one, or combination of, you want to be will factor into how you create that clown character and "play" your clown.
What style of performing with it as well?
Festival vs. trad circus vs. cont circus creates alot of difference with how and what you will present.

I know the public library here has a few good books about it under the "performance art" category.

If you can think of more specific questions, that might help you get more helpful answers. wink

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Best clowning advice someone gave me was:

"Clowns don't do funny things, they do things funny."

Fits in with what Pele was saying about using normal everyday items and using them in a unique manner.

Audience interaction is very important, even if it's just a mischievous eyebrow wiggle.

Follow Pele's advice, 'tis a good starter. :-)

It's so much easier to show a clown than to explain a clown. I recommend going to at least a couple of clowning workshops.


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I'm really sorry for my scrappy english...

I think, a very good way for You is to look carefully around yourself and to See - how the people walk, how them eat, talk, have a rest, etc... You have to see funny moments, funny things, funny events around You.

Our life is full of fun, and one of clown's aims - is to show the public all those funny sides of ordinary life...

I'm a medieval-style clown - Buffoon, so my work is usually on Historical Festivals, but even Me can show people's ordinary life fun... 8)

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