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i tought myself how to do weave , butterfly, giant butterfly and alternate butterfly...but somehow i just can't do the reverse weave! i mean, i keep hurting myself over and over again..i already watched the lessen here but i still need more


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Try getting your hands used to the positioning without the poi... First work on crossing the leading hand under in front of you, then do it side to side. Really watch what your hands are doing when you're doing the forward weave, then reverse it. If you watch, for a regular weave, the leading hand switches on every side, and it's always from inside to outside, that is, your left hand leads from left to right, and your right hand leads from right to left. For a reverse weave, it's exactly the same, except the poi are moving in the opposite directions, so your hands must be in the opposite positions. Instead of the right hand being on top and moving to the left, it's underneath, and moving to the left. Then the left hand moves underneath and shifts to the right.

The real thing is if you can do a forward weave, you can do a backwards weave. Just watch your hands and understand *why* they move that way during a forward weave. Try it without the poi, then with one, and then with two, and keep practicing practicing practicing! It's all about timing and rhythm, and once it clicks you'll never understand what was so hard.

Good luck!

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 Written by :shilgi

but i still need more

use the search function

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Use the google bar up in the top right hand corner because this topic has been covered in detail already.

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