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are there any poi schools in the US? i found a really awsome one in Montezuma, Costa Rica but im afraid to travel that far alone since i have never really traveled. i have tried the meet others section to see if i could find some people willing to teach but i haven't been successful. if any one knows of like a poi school or classes in the US please let me know thanX

do poi spinners exist in west texas?

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i know the spinagogue crew in oakland do workshops

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Spinagogue will be in Oregon this weekend! I'll have to work that out to go.

Also, you might be able to find instructors in your area, if not an actual "school." Even in my town, there are three that I can think of (well, one of those is me...)

Ask around, check out craig's list maybe... You can certainly find something closer than Costa Rica

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correct me if Im wrong, but isn't Arashi located in Austin, Texas? People travel a lot further than in-state to take lessons from him. He also works with the Vulcan crew on some of those Spinagogues.

But I wouldnt be overly nervous about traveling to Costa Rica. So long as you aren't stupid or flashy with expensive items, your own common sense will keep you well. I lived for 3 years in Guatemala and knew plenty of folks, men and women, who traveled throughout Central America alone and with no problems. Sure, I knew of plenty of horror stories, but those almost invariably involved someone doing something risky or stupid that they wouldn't have done in their own country, yet seem to do when travelling abroad. Like "Oh, I got robbed" (but forget to tell you they were drunk, loud, and alone at some ungodly hour, which is silly). Or "I heard of two women getting attacked on that trail" (even though they went hiking without a guide or group after being told that there had been robberies recently and it was not advisable to go out) True stories.

Its not to say that bad things wont happen even with all the best precautions, but it would be a shame to shelter ourselves from other cultures due to fear. I could get jacked here at home in any well-to-do neighborhood. (and Ive been pickpocketed in Dublin more often than I have in Guatemala, so go figure).

Costa Rica is big on tourism too, so there are lots of locales to touch homebase on, if culture and language are a problem.

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