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duma_phoenix1SILVER Member

Location: New Zealand

about to buy my first fire staff,
wondering if theres any downside to getting a staff that breaks down for transport?
i imagine having a 3 piece is good because i can not only travel with it easier but also presoak both ends at the same time??
im just concerned it may not last as long as a 1 piece staff? logic would tell me eventually the connections would become loose??
i'm looking at the equipment sold on this site if it helps
(purely because they seem to look better?) lol
silly perhaps, the grip looks smooth as opposed to having grippy lookin ridges also which im assuming will be preferable too??
i also usually figure things are a little more expensive for a reason?? 'You get what you pay for' and all that...

I'd love to hear what you all think... thanks

DurbsBRONZE Member
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I presume you're looking at the Concentrate staffs...
They're awesome props - rugged, well designed, good wicking on them etc.

3 (or 2) piece staffs tend to have a bit of flex and/or rattle about them. Concentrae flex a little, not much mind you. I also love the fact you can soak both ends at once.
Concentrates are serious sticks - cheaper 2/3-piece staffs I'd stay away from, but concentrates are nicer.

If you're never going to travel with it, then a one-piece will probably be better - an equal quality staff will be cheaper for one thing smile

Finally, sectional staffs are generally heavier than one-piece (except the Firetoys contact staffs) which if you're going to be throwing them around might be an issue.

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-sandy-BRONZE Member
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Yea, concentrates are pretty hardy sticks, my mate has had a set for about 6 years and they are still perfectly straight and the connections dont rattle.

If you have your heart set on a collabsable staff they are the ones to go for.
However, if you arn't going to be traveling that far with it, id recommend getting a one piece staff, the weight distribution is much better (most of the weight is at the ends) and they dont have the slightly annoying raised handle that concentrates have, making them better for contact.

Traveling with a 1 piece isnt that bad either, ive just taken my 1.4 metre one piece around india and it wasnt much hassle, just make sure you wrap the wicks up well if you are flying.

Personally, im an advocate of making your own staffs cos you get exactly what you want but if you want to buy a first staff, the one pieces here on HoP arn't bad to start with and are pretty well made form the ones ive seen, or if you want to get into contact, the firetoys( contact staffs are pretty good as well, like Durbs says, they are pretty heavy, but that does make them easier to learn contact with.

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duma_phoenix1SILVER Member

Location: New Zealand

much appreciated...ta

burningoftheclaveySILVER Member
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i think three part staffs also stick sometimes...its usually due to the nuts being too loose and requires a little bit of fiddling, and gettting it the right way to fit it in, but not a big deal. really useful for transport, although havent travelled with my one piece yet.. smile

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CaffeinatedKatieGOLD Member
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My boyfriend's got a 3 piece staff from HOP, and it's AWESOME. It's a great weight, and it screws together all flush, it's excellent. A little spendy, but high quality, convenient, etc.
Good luck finding one that is right for you-- good idea to ask around.

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