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Posted:ive on various boards seen people mentioning the 5 beat butterweave but ive never actually seen it demonstrated. i am now purplexed as i know the 3 bt butterweave and cant comprehend how anyone could possibly squeeze another beat in there. but i thought the same about the 3 bt butterweave before i learned it. can anyone explain how this is done or if its even possible or even supply or link to video of this being done. im desperate here ive been looking everywhere.

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Posted:learn a 4 beat TTN.

Just like a 3bt butterweave is a ttn switching from side to side, so a 5bt butterweave is a 4bt ttn switching from side to side. Kind of a brain f'er but once you get it you'll be amazed you ever thought it was hard.

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Posted:aye it's a 4 beat ttn switching sides in wheel plane. Because ttn is stable (it won't tangle up like a weave) you can leave it on either side for however many beats you like, including uneven patterns.


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Posted:I've never heard of this! I like it. I will try it tonight.


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Posted:It's a cool little move

1 hint that may help is that on 1 side of me I'm doing a fwd TTN and on the other side of me I'm doing a rev TTN.

I prety sure that this is not the only way of doing a 5bt butterweave but for me it is the most comfortable.

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Posted: - at 4:24 there's a slowdown of both the reverse and forward horizontal split 5 beat butterweaves, or a complete fountain, if you will ^_^



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Posted: Written by :GeoffonTour04

Because ttn is stable (it won't tangle up like a weave) you can leave it on either side for however many beats you like, including uneven patterns.

Er - not really. You can't do an 8-beat TTN for example (unless you have arms of rubber), 6 is a mutha to get.

You can repeat a 2/4/6-beat TTN on each side, but this isn't the same as doing a 10-bt TTN, it's just looping a 2-bt (or 4-bt) on each side then switching over smile

I think a strict Butterweave needs to be a split-time TTN - looks gorgeous with a LA/SA variation

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Posted:5-bt BF weave should indeed be split-time, should basically have the same wrist-twist as a normal 5-bt weave and requires seriously good plane control! Longarm/over the shoulder split-time TTNs are good practice for this...

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Posted:5-bt BF weave is b'hard- I often end up with a tangle on the right to left transition.

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