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Posted:I did a 2 searches and nothing came up so here I am.

I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread where peole can share their wisdom and ask for help with fixing broken toys.

I'll go first.

I just bought some LED wand lightsticks from here (which I love by the way) and found that a few wouldn't turn on or flickered untill I gave them a tap. I also found that if you took the battery cover off, took the bateries out and gently bent the metal strip that connects the batteries down a bit that the problem stops and they swich on perfectly every time.

Just thought someone may find it handy. biggrin

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Posted:Small bits of tin foil folded into tiny squares also work for the above smile

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Posted:as does removing the batteries and cleaning them with a soft clean cloth. This problem is most commonly caused by light oxidation (commonly called "crap") on the battery surface. THe oxidation typically comes from the oils etc on the fingers of the person fitting the batteries - if they've been eating salt & vinegar crsips before-hand the oxidation will happen faster than normal (for example smile )
If the Wand flickers on then refuses to go when you push the switch to turn it on, this should be your first thing to try.

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