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Now this might appear strange, but I need to find all possible ways:

I'm on the verge of moving to India permanently (or "as permanent as possible"), this means I have a lot of stuff to take from Germany/ Europe.

If you know of anyone who is taking the road to India, please let me know. For example I do have two amazing crystal singing bowls that are too big as carry-on and too delicate as check-in baggage on the plane... so I need them get to India by road...

I'm ready and happy to chip in for the fuel or compensate in any other way, as it's a transport (dry and simple).

Thanks for reading and thanks for keeping me in mind/ remembering this post when you hear someone coming up with the idea of going to India by road... smile

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venkat_kommulaBRONZE Member
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Location: India

road to india is no more dude u know about the afghan war u cant cross afghan too many bob blasts sucide bomber and plenty thefts going auround its almost next to impossible in this state even pakisthan is in bad shape its life and death i suggest dont risk ur life there is too much of risk involved .... thats all i can say tc hara hara mahadeve......... boom (its not to discourage u but its is the fact no offence mate )

DuncGOLD Member
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Location: The Middle lands, United Kingdom

There's a load of HoPpers who just came back to England from India by Land (and yet somehow managed to avoid all suicide bombers, thefts and even death by the way rolleyes and what exactly is a bob blast? ubblol) Try getting hold of Ros (fluffy napalm fairy) or via Rob Bluecat if you don't have her number, or Sandy, Twobags. If you need better contact info other than PMing them just PM me smile

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errm, venkat - as some have proven, the road to India is still open. Pakistan is the least of your problems - just make sure you're not stopping for police in Iran. Afghanistan might be best to cross at night - whilst having full moon - without turning on the headlights.

However I heard it might not be such a good idea with a UK or DK number plate at this point...

the best smiles are the ones you lead to wink

NifeliumGOLD Member
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Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

sounds like an awesome plan. more fun than anything. see i dont own anything. and im trying to keep it that way.

traveling in these areas sounds like a riot besides the whole bomb thing. makes it more of a mission than a move. ubblol


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