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Posted:I'm sure others of you have heard of this group before, I in fact seem to recall seeing a vid of them before. But I happened across their site and thought I'd share.
Check out the description of their toys. I REALLY want those laser poi and the clubs... wow. I need to see one of their shows in person... ubbloco

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Posted:I haven't seen this before, thanks for linking it.

Their pictures are dazzling. ubbloco I want tos ee them in action!!

I cannae wait for some Hyperlights.


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Posted:Hmm, not keen at all on the BP poi frown but had to laugh at this:

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Posted:I saw that one as well! Again, gives me great faith in the people who run our country...

Those poi are seriously impressive. Doesn't look like its something we'll be able to get our hands on though. I've never heard of those guys before, are they on the juggling circuits at all?

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Posted:feeding the fish are pretty well known, but don't hang out with other jugglers, as far as i know - maybe in one place, but not on the festival circuit. they used to use aerotech, but went their separate ways a few years ago.

its a shame to see them endorsing bp frown ah well.

i don't think you can buy their toys - they are for their shows, so it wouldn't make sense for them to sell them

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Posted:That BP is actually a brand here in Holland.. Same logo, same colours.. smile

Edit: I understand now why :P

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Posted:Those poi are sickeningly good. I hope they can be replicated without breaching patent, would be a shame if they can't.


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Posted:SOO COOL! Thanks for the link!


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Posted:feeding the fish are pretty insane and flammfest are bringing out something similar called the eyepoi pretty soon by the looks of things clicky

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Posted:wouldnt be surprised if that was the product arm of feeding the fish, the poi patterns look a little bit too identical.

not a bad thing at all tho, they do look amazing

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