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i have all of the materials i need to make a fire poi.
the only problem im having is that my chain is too long

its a stainless steel chain and its probably about 20 feet long. ive tried everything i can but i just cant break it. (that includes hitting it very VERY hard with a hammer. so hard that it broke the cement under the chain)

i am just stuck here.
i cant go an get another chain because im kind of doing fire poi secretly. so i can not order one from the site either.

i really need to get this chain broken.
please can anyone give me some ideas?

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Big bolt cutters? A hacksaw?

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Are you using normal linked chain? If so your going to have to get a bolt cutters, chain was obviously designed to not be broken. Ask a friend, sneak into the garage, go to a hardware store and ask nicely and i bet they will cut it for you.

If your using ball chain, just use wire cutters.

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Also from reading your intro thread, you may want to learn about fire safety and how to build poi before you light stuff on fire, lighting the ball in sock poi is not the greatest idea as you found out..

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 Written by: zerizum

i cant go an get another chain because im kind of doing fire poi secretly


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for your own safety, don't do fire poi secretly. since you said cant order chains, I'm assuming you don't have access to any Kevlar (correct me if I'm wrong).

could you say what you're using to make these? anyway, if it's not Kevlar, don't use it for fire poi.
Who are you keeping it a secret from? parents? It would be better to just work hard and convince them to let you do fire. Mine were horrible about it, but they gave up after a while.

As to your question, bolt cutters.

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your choices are :

Bolt cutters A hacksaw and a good mounted vice. 2 pairs of pliers, at least one with a cutting/stripping edge, make as big a dent as you can with pressure using the cutting edge (note:this may slightly damage the edge on cheap pliers), then clamp either end with a pair, and just keep bending one way and the other repeatedly until the link breaks.

And otherwise I hope you've read and inwardly digested the other comments above smile

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Good to see someone else uses stainless steel, bolt cutters or hack saw should suffice, although I have used heavy duty steel shears from time to time.


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