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firestartedGOLD Member
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I can't find a topic that speaks specifcally about smelling of parafin, not trying to smuggle fire props, so I posted this... smile

I'm going to Stockholm for a weekend with my Dad in 2 weeks time. biggrin *For the record he thinks fire-spinning in occult* eek
He thinks I won't be allowed through Dublin Airport or let back from Stockholm because of a smell of parafin from my clothes. He reckons that I should buy a new bag, new clothes, new runners, socks jocks you name it. rolleyes He even thinks I shouldn't sleep in my apartment the night before I fly out on the basis that it smells of fuel too... confused

He says all of this based on the fact that he came back from Germany and had his bag hoovered with a little gasometer (?) that tests for any kind of drugs and or explosive/combustable material and he thinks I'll end up getting stranded in a police station on the basis of smelling of parafin.

I met him for dinner yesterday and smelled of parafin coz I had been spinning flat out the night before and my jacket had a drop of parafin accidentally spilt on it.

I reckon explaining that I'm a fire-spinner would be grand. I'm not brining any props. He thinks that SWAT teams will drop from the roof with strap-ons and big pervy grins.

Who's nuts here? Have any of you experience of getting hassle over smelling of fuel while travelling? I reckon I should loose my beard if he's right?!


polaritypolaritySILVER Member
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 Written by: firestarted

SWAT teams will drop from the roof with strap-ons and big pervy grins.

Well at least Hoppers and SWAT both have pegging in common, even if it is different kinds of pegging (at least for the most part, so I've heard).

I've never traveled with props or while smelling of paraffin, but I think getting business cards/promotional material/a website together (if you're making money from fire spinning of course) would go a long way to providing some credibility.

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onewheeldaveonewheeldaveGOLD Member
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Easy solution to this one-

simply take an alarm clock and some masking tape, then create a convincing fake 'bomb-type object' .

Plant it in the top of your dad's bag, then ensure he ends up in front of you in the queue.

Your Dad will act as a useful distraction when the x-ray machine picks up his 'bomb' and the security staff will have little interest in any vague whiffs of paraffin coming from you.


(disclaimer- this is not a serious suggestion)

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newgabenewgabeSILVER Member
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Wear clean clothes and don't smell. That;s a courtesy to whoever has to sit next to you! I do know one person whose bag REEKED of stinky kero and their bag was refused boarding... cos, as the airline rightly said... it would make other people's bags smell.

As to the explosives residue hoovers at airports... they are NOT looking for traces of the sorts of fuel we use. They are looking for nasty explosives.. I dunno the proper names... plastic explosives or whatever.
Assorted associates and I have had kit bags gone over with them.. (my son's a professional firespinner so has a huge bag with all sorts of staffs and props in) many times. Not a peep. Mind you we do wash stuff...

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ubblol nice thread...

If you'd travel from Goa to Kerala I'd say you're safe (just did exactly what you will be facing soon, Security was sweet, tender and all suffered from Sinusitis - which has been my luck - anyway I guess I'd crack up laughing if they'd tell me about other passengers baggage getting the smell... wink )

So, as Gabe said: wear clean and washed clothes, don't come up like a complete Fraggle, even if you are one. I don't mind Fraggles, but I'm not Airport Security either.

Two (or at least one) days before departure, spin your props using Colemans or any other "clean" fuel and let them dry.

Wrap in foil and you should be safe, unless your bag smells.

IF Airport Security still bothers you, even though (or because) your Dad is temporarily getting arrested, tell them that the props can't burn/ explode and ask them whether you shall demonstrate (do the firespinner running gag: "Got a light(err)"?). In case they are still b1tching around tell them you're a professional performer and need the props for a show at your destination.

I never had serious problems, as I always give the guys a nod when they ask me whether I carry "fishing rods"... shrug rolleyes

Then again: maybe they only trust my green eyes *blinks* ubbangel

[ed]This or the fact that most Airports smell like Kerosene anyway... devil
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Polarity: what the PG are you talking about? ubblol

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hamamelishamamelisBRONZE Member
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I had my bag tested in a 'random explosives trace test' on the way back from Australia.. And, though it didn't exactly stink, it did smell of kero, after someone had stuck them back into my bag after borrowing them and I had not washed it since.

As you can tell by the fact I'm writing this from the UK, and not an Aussie police station, it didn't show up anything. I even asked them if kero would show up, (figuring if the alarms then went off, at least that gave me a better chance of not getting shot if I warned 'em) and they said nah.
If you *really* stink of it, they may object, but a teensy bit on your clothes shouldn't matter.


If that's okay with you?

Fire_MooseFire_MooseSILVER Member
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....whats the deal with people not liking the smell of kero....i think it should be a colonge.


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PyroWillPyroWillGOLD Member
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It shouldnt be a problem, jsut say you spilt petrol on yourself while filling up your car

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Dunno but NOT smelling too much of kerosene, petrol, sweat, perfume, feet, tobacco and what ever is only a courtesy to fellow travellers. This would include the carry on baggage...

Just imagine yourself on a plane from Europe to Oz non-stop and the guy next to you smells like sewer... eek

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LurchLurchBRONZE Member
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Why is there so much loose kero flying around that you your clothes and even your apartment is saturated to the point you can't get rid of the smell? O.o

That said, *smelling* like kero isn't illegal. As long as you don't wreak to the point where it's causing other people problems or you're particularly flammable, I don't see why they would *not* let you fly for it. They may call you on it though.

One of my bags set off the alarms a couple years ago. They tried to say that I had nitroglycerin in my pack.. They still let me fly though

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