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Posted:Hello to all !!! (with french accent...)

After the video of balls manipulation I presented to you, here is another small editing, of fire po this time, from December 2007.

I hope you will enjoy it...




EDITED_BY: Cyrille (1201376471)

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Posted:nice one - techy but nice.


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Posted:Really enjoyed this, thanks cyrille. Really nice to see floats and interesting stall combinations done so smoothly and with such control. The first part, with the stalls and floats is particularly interesting. Really nice to see such a clean 'geometric' approach to poi.

Only drawback is that it was a bit long, with some small repetition, and there was one shot where the poi had burned down and it was particularly dark. The shot and spinning was good enough that I didn't think it needed the extreme black/white effect at the start either.

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Mark Husted
Mark Husted

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Posted:Players come and go but styles live forever. Very unique and entertaining Cyrille. Keep it lit.

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Posted:glad to see you're still playing with the stall switches. Looks like a few new ideas are developing as well smile
We will have to have another spin session sometime.


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Posted:As incredible on video .. as in reality
Loved it ubbrollsmile
you guy's my favorite French techy poi spinner



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Posted:fantastic mate smile loved every bit of it and given me loads of ideas smile