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Im a poi man but friend has a staff and its also a lot of fun and ive decided that i want one, but cant afford it (im a student and it would mean not eating for a few weeks frown ) So I want to make a staff, is there something i can use for the ends instead of kevlar? (its expensive and difficult to get here) Even if its something cheap that gets all destroyed and can be replaced, any suggestions? Ive heard of maybe using denim, but i duno.

Practise makes Poi-fect :P

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I have a wooden firestaff with denim wicks that I made. It's been burnt (with kerosene) only three or four times and survived quite intact but I don't know long it would last, being burned constantly.

what I do know is that, once the fuel's run out, denim starts to disintegrade very quickly. I countered this by just dunking the wicks in water (don't know how good that is ...).

Good luck with you project smile

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most places home of poi included will do international delivery for kevlar. yes it's expensive BUT 1 metre (50cm each end) will last constant burning for over a year. the stuff lasts so much longer than anything else the initial outlay is well worth it. also with cotton fabrics you run the risk of the weave breaking mid spin and fiery bits of material floating of or wrapping around you.

the other option is to just use a practice staff. I would use a practice until i'd saved up enough for some kevlar. you'll hit your self loads with a staff when you start don't want that happeniing on fire hug

A couple of balls short of a full cascade... or maybe a few cards short of a deck... we'll see how this all fans out.

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