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Well its spring again and it means hot weather.well i thought its sfe to play with fire out side in the back yard with my friend.Any way i had ran out of kero and we were burning shit like we usally do on a thursday nite (BIBLESTUDIE PARENTS), so my staff was lit and i went to pour some METHO on to it ,BAD CHOICE, me friend who was 3 metres away got his arm caught alite,FUCK. The fucking metho caught alite and went back into the container and made the BIGGEST FUCKING MASIVE FIREBALL EVER!!!. :0which wassn't good my friend's arm caught alite and he ran around screaming fuck fuck fuck fuuuck (he was also swearin after i put him out by hugging him quickly after i heard his scream (which was a second.) :0so Mal can you update the fire safty.hear are some good hints.waether, time (day/night) no one else gets burnt like my friend.P.s he is fine just doped up on alot of fucking morphine.FireboyFire is dangerous too.


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Ahem. At risk of sounding insensitive, this is a little like suggesting that a pilot's safety manual should be updated to suggest that you shouldn't fly planes into tall buildings.Pouring fuel on a lit torch? Dumb.This has nothing to do with the weather or time of day. This has everything to do with Darwinism in action.

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Thank you Adam.
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I agree. I think there are certain things that should be known before you start playing with fire and fuels. To be honest putting every little thing into a FAQ would make it huge. It is there for Frequently Asked Questions. This might fall under: "If you're not as smart as your fuel, don't use it." j/k
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Seriously though, you must use a little thinking when playing with fire. If something of this nature was mentioned in a "Fire Safety" listing, it wouldn't have helped you here. You weren't reading through a manual at the time. It was a quick action that didn't work out well.---Stupid people are the reasons for warning labels: "I ate this whole tube of Preparation H and it didn't do anything for my hemaroids."
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