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The Bradford Uni Twirl Soc is in Dire Trouble....

We have been meeting for several years in The Basement at bradford uni, and a lot of our equiptment for this has been bought by society funds.

Recently the uni has gotten really tough on us and told us that unless we get more members we will no longer be able to use the premisis, and more upsettingly our toys as they were bought with society funds.

We need anyone who is interested to contact us, and join in. We are starting a new publicity campaign in the new year and hope to get some new people and the first step to this is to LET PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT US!!!!!!!

So if you are in the bradford area or just fancy poping down to see us please do.

We are starting in the new semester again with a fire meet (totally not organised by us in any way wink) which i will be providing more details of nearer the time.

The regular meets are Thursday's between 8pm and 10pm usually with a social at the uni bar after. We have all kinds of skills from diablo, poi, staff, devil sticks, numchucks, juggling etc etc and if anyone wants to bring anything new they are more than welcome.

Please Please if you or anyone you know might be interested let me know or PM me. We do not want to let this society die!!!!

Thank you!!!! biggrin

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Am I too late or have you managed to save the Bradford Twirlers.... I really want to attend and im sure a few of my buddies will do as well. Please let me know x

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Location: Bradford *rolls eyes*, United Kingdom

Pm'd you back

YES!! we still need people bring friends!!

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i dont know if anyone is ever going to read this thread again but is the bradford twirl soc still happening? me and three mates (2staff, 2poi) have been looking for something arround west yorkshire!

were out at denholme but getting to bradford isnt exactly difficult!

if you guys are still meeting i think we'd all be interested in coming along

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I'm learning poi with a few friends and flags in Bradford (and some people form Leeds).

Would love to hangout with people in West Yorkshire and learn/try some new stuff.

Glad you posted on this thread smile

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Dont know if this thread is still going, but would love 2 meet up for some spinning. i apin fire poi myself, but would be really gr8 to meet any1 who is getting together for similar hobbies?!?! pls let me know?

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if ive ever got a Friday of work i would run up once ive got some rtransport sorted again. Just its rather a long way to come on a weekday.

I'm also wondering is it an indoor venue with you saying its in the basement?

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Hey guys, the Huddersfield Circus lot meet on Tuesday evenings in the uni sports hall, all welcome! Give me a shout if you want to join in hug

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