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Skrytinn_QveldrigaBRONZE Member
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ok so have you ever had those moments when something completely unrelated to spinning happens and it makes you think of something to do with whatever toys you play with?


i was smoking in my back yard and i was spacing out looking at one of those little plastic things that twirl around when the wind blows on them, except this one had two fans on it that go in opposite directions, and the first thing that popped into my head was butterfly antispin flowers lol

biggrin happy little panda bear biggrin
i love you

joolseyGOLD Member
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Originally Posted By: Sharnie_BabieIts ok Dandipoi Ive done the same thing and broke my sisters camera into a wall oppies

but I got the wake up call that I spin to much when I had to choose school or poi, my teacher thought my poi were weapons and she said if i came to school with them she wouldn't let me into class and seeing tho I don't leave the house without my poi I didn't go back to class

Oh and naming your poi I dont know if anyone else does that ?? or am I just a nutter tongue2

Oh! What did you name them?

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Sharnie_BabieBRONZE Member
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hahaha well I've only named two pairs of my poi
my very first poi my left one is Angelic and right is Phoenix (yes very original I know haha) and my second the left is Hades and right is Persephone (thats the king and queen of the underworld in Greek mythology)
Have you done this too?? I wanna know if it's something others do to hahaha

Mother_Natures_SonSILVER Member
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I can't say I do. I name almost everything else, but not my poi...

Edit: Not to say I WOULDNT, but I always end up wrecking/replacing my practice poi due to the heavy weights I use.

Only poi I dont replace are my fire ones and I dont really use them enought to name em.

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I wake up moving my hands in circles sometimes lol. Oh and my socks follow me into the bed all the time.

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