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georgemcgeorgemcBRONZE Member
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We've been asked if we can provide performers for the following annual charity fundraising event:
Hi-Life Restaurant of the Year Awards 2008 - an annual event in aid of Christie Hospital, normally televised.
Organiser is looking for a couple of people to "do Poi" outside the event held at Hilton Manchester Deansgate on Friday 25th January.

When I asked for more details the following response received:
"As this is a charity event I have a very limited budget, however our company would provide complimentary platinum level Hi-Life cards to the performers (RRP 90). A Hi-Life card enables the holder to enjoy 2 meals for the price of 1 in the majority of restaurants around Manchester and the North of England - please see Of course, the performers will also be able to take advantage of plenty of publicity for the event.

We are definately looking for some wow factor as guests arrive at the event - I like the idea of fire poi, however, I do not know about the different types of performance available - what would you suggest? Costumes would be a plus."

If there is any interest/suggestions, PM or e-mail me for the organisers contact details.


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My natural cynicism is starting to kick in, this is the manyth time I've heard of this.. Beware drinking party in in a place that makes beer organisational abilities, that always seems to be the way that such things go...

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MikefromGlosMikefromGlosSILVER Member
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insurance???? surely that would of been top of there list of things to mention consdering how much u need in the uk

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onewheeldaveonewheeldaveGOLD Member
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How about putting together some kind of standard FAQ for event organisers trying to blag fire performers into doing stuff for free?

Asking them if, for example, the security/stewards and bar staff/waiters at their event will be being paid in 'Hi-Life cards'? smile

If not, then why do they expect professional fire performers to do so?

As for 'free publicity''s unoriginal now smile

At least they're not trying to ply us with free booze

Seriously, I think some kind of FAQ is in order cos I'm sure these people genuinely don't reaslise how insulting these kind of offers are and, if they got some well-worded feedback I'm sure they'd start to appreciate our position.

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MynciMynciBRONZE Member
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I agree with Dave and something from a site as respected as HoP could carry some good weight.

A couple of balls short of a full cascade... or maybe a few cards short of a deck... we'll see how this all fans out.

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