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Posted:It's been 5 years this weekend since my accident happened. My family likes to mark the day I woke up, I like to mark the day of my accident, the beginning of my lesson and how it changed my life.

So, aside from burning stuff (and since I have my body art booth at a festie from 10am-8pm everyday) and concidering that several of my friends are out of town or working, what should I do?

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Rouge Dragon

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Posted:By running a safety workshop smile

i would have changed ***** to phallus, and claire to petey Petey

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Posted:you can start another thread about it smile

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Posted:You should have a quiet celebration with a bottle of red.

wave Hi lovely lady - I really should talk to you a bit more shouldn't I? * spank self *

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Posted:i think you should have a nice quite meal with those you love

and then all make a time casule of the accient, and your life now five years on..

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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:Do naked cartwheels down the street?
Ride a [censored] horse to Banbury Cross?
Put rings on your fingers and bells on your toes?
Make music wherever you goes?
Eat as many strawberries as you can in one minute?
Buy one hundred party hats and see how many you can wear at the same time?
Tell everyone you meet that your name is "Juan-Pablo"?



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Wild Child

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Posted: Written by: mech

i think you should have a nice quite meal with those you love

and then all make a time casule of the accient, and your life now five years on..

loveley idea - just doing the capsule will create a review of then and now so you can value how far you've come - and how much is still the same hug

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Posted:I think begin with a nice meal with family, and then go out with your mates and have a crazy party! biggrin

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