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Posted:Apart from being arrogant, verbose, opinionated and a virgo, I am also very shallow, so I don't mind admitting that the only reason I got into fire twirling was to meet girls !!Just before the turn of the millenium my fiance of four years left and pretty much broke my heart (she's great tho', I'm not trying to lay blame or any sort of shit like that, OK!?).Man, I felt absolutley worthless. Boring, stayed and stagnant. The more depressed I became the less I liked myself - the less I liked myself the more depressed I became (hopefully you don't know what I mean ...)Anyway, I decided to actually do something about it and try to become more interesting, extrovert and dynamic. Thank goodness for the 'net and thank godness for HOP !Some of you might prefer if I wrote to an old highschool buddy and told all this crap to them, if so please stop reading after the third dot ...I finally met a girl (that I like) and I dare say we are going steady
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'451 was spinning at The Doors and after our show she came up to me and asked: "do you have a light?"Isn't that romantic ? I melt when I think about it. Actually melt ...I'm a very different person to who I was 1.5 years ago - I've burned away all the clutter and the crap that was obscuring what was always there. I've met wonderful people, most of you I'll never see, I know myself so much more now - I know I'm not alone. Thanks particularly to Malcolm Crawshay for this site (now required reading for me and mine) and to all of you - for being so different and so much like me ..."There will be a flood and there wil be a fire. EVERYTHING will be destroyed! But there will be a New Ark, riding on that fire - and I own the keys, and I open the doors, and I decide who goes in and who doesn't ! Come with me ..."

Hasst du etwas zeit fuer mich?... Dan singe ich ein lied fuer dich ... -Bjork/Nena

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Posted:Bish, congrats on the woman...and the honesty. Most people I know that have tried some form of fire play (usually eating/breathing) enter it to attract someone of the opposite sex...but don't admit it. I am happy for you and wish you nothing but continued joy.I really wish there was some way we could plan an event for say two years in the futurewhere we could get together internationally, you know? It would be great. I agree that I feel that people on this board, due to the level of interest in strange and unusual things like me, share more in common and understand aspects of me that those involved in my immediate life do not. For that I am also grateful.This leads me to somethign I have been wondering but will post elsewhere.I am happy for you Bish, for your growth and development that you seem to enjoy, for the finding of a hopefully good woman, for the involvement and continual enrichment you add to this unlikely family.Best to you always.------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir...

Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir
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Posted:Yay Bish!
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