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Posted:I saved someones life today.

It was terrifying...

She was drowning, half way between where I was on a floating raft, and the beach. I could not hear her, but her face, and the motion of sinking and struggling were unmistakable. A friend on the dock and I both called out Help as loud as we could, and dove in at the same time.

When I hit the water, I felt like all of me was awake in a way I have never been before some kind of cellular shift. I swam as fast as I could, pushing hard--but I am sore, and tired, and was despairing that Icould not do better, be faster... finally made it to her, and she did what all drowning people do, wrapped her arms around my neck and tried to sink me with her. Yikes.

It was scary, I was not sure I was strong enough to hold her up, and could not swim all the way back with her, and had no air to scream for help.

Then my friend reached us, and helped hold her on the other side, and then some of my b boy posse realized we needed help and dove in to support us. Got her to a stand of coral that could take some weight while we caught our breathe, and she calmed down. Then swam her into shallower waters, which proved to be not so far after all.

All this happended right close to the beach, fifty people in clear view, and no one realizing she needed help. Damn it people you really can drown in 2 inches of water with an audience too...

I lost a contact lense in the process, as I had to open my eyes under water to se where she was to pull her up. Did not notice until the adrenalin wore off later, and thought to myself, [censored], all that shaking, and now I cant see? Weird. Then I clued

It was weird going through the shock. I have not really expereinced it in the textbook fashion before. Also the drowning was like a text book drill. I remembered the moves, but the frightening bit was just whether or not I would be able to do them in the context, at that moment, that bit of ocean, that panicking woman. I am afraid that without help, I may not have been able to do it. A full body around your neck while swimming in the ocean is really really heavy. And as you can tell from yesterdays tribe blog, I am tired. Really tired. I almost lost her.

Yet, it was somehow very anticlimatic in the end? We got to shore, she could breathe, spat some water, but obviously okay. I admonished her to never attempt to swim or play in the ocean alone, since she obviously can not swim. Tried later to teach her not to panick and how to float on your back.

She did not even say thankyou, also seemed in shock.Hardly spoke a word, and english was not her language anyways. No one seemed to have even noticed the drowning, or the rescue. Surreal.

Now, I feel terribily alone, and am the only one crying. Just crashing feeling. Vinod came by, and helped with a huge hug. He did not see a thing, other than my face, and knew that after all was done, I was now the one needing some help. Lovely man.

I was really scared.

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Posted:hug I have shivers up and down my spine, tears in my eyes - sending you as much love and blessings for being who you are, Andrea... meditate

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Posted:well done to you for doing something when you relealised what was happening!

I'm sure the girl will realise what you did for her soon, shock is a funny thing, she probably doen'st realise what might have happened, but it will dawn on her.

You shouldn't feel alone - you should feel extreamly proud of your self.. :appluase:

I honour you as an aspect of myself..

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The crash will be the come down from the adrenalin rush... eat chocolate!!

Good work missus


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Posted:When I was 12 or so I had to be rescued cause I got caught in the current at a very rocky bit of coast. Might have been able to make it back on my own without being smashed into pieces, but I'm glad they didn't wait to find out - someone came out towards me with a rubber thingy for me to hold just when I noticed how far out I was, I didn't even have to wave or shout for help.

Nevertheless, once I was back on the sand, I didn't even know how to say "thank you" either, my brain was going round in circles and I just sat there for a while thinking. What with the woman being so much closer to actually dying, I'm sure she was in shock, too, and will be very grateful probably by now

Well done you hug

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Posted:I got caught in a rip tid with my dad and sister when I was about 6.. the water was moving fast and dragging him out to sea.. he could just about stand, with me and my sister hanging round his neck, trying to get purchase on his bent knees to keep our heads above water.. my mum waving and smiling back to us from the beach totally unaware that our waves were not ones of greeting..

I have no idea how we got back to shore as
I've blocked a lot of if out, but I still have nightmares of water around my nose and mouth, slowly lapping over stopping me breathing.. and still to this day I can't put my face under the shower stream easily - I hate being splashed too..

I reckon the lady you saved will remember that day for the rest of her life - which YOU saved.. smile

I honour you as an aspect of myself..

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Posted:Her thanks might well be given to someone she helps saves later. Thanks to you that you were aware enough to see her.

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Posted:I got to save myself. I was playing tag and got in deep water. panicked but remembered my training.

Another time I had to save a yorkie. Stupid dog jumped out of the boat and everyone else is "oh no what do we do" so I jumped in and grabbed him. He was not swimming well. The stupid dog bit me. So I tossed him in the boat. He gave me dirty looks the rest of the way. Shock was not fun.

Sugar, lots of Mountain Dew, that got me through it

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Posted:I used to be a lifeguard. Saving someone's life doesn't feel the way you expect it to , it's weird, I'm glad it's not just me who has felt that. Would it help if I told you the next time you save someones life it's a little less weird? An adrenalin comedown is harsh, but I know what it's like not to get there in time, and thats way worse.

Welldone, and I promise you'll feel better in a couple of days. Chocolate really does help hug biggrin

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It's all ok, it's adrenaline. You'll be preoccupied with the memory of it for a while now, but that's natural when you've been through something stressful. I tried to save someone a few months ago (not drowning - see the 'reasons to stop drinking' thread for details) but they were already dead. I had this image of him in my head for about a week or two after and kept running through the events of that day, but it fades after a while, although I will never forget him.

You did a great thing for someone - don't dwell on the negative aspects of the experience, just remember you did a good thing for someone who needed you. hug

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Posted:Well done for doing the right thing when many other people have just have panicked and frozen.

I'm an awful swimmer, but I hope I would do the same if confronted with the same situation. And I hope someone would do the same for me if I was in the situation the girl was in. Bravery is a virtue, and you acted decisively in what, a few heartbeats? And as a result you saved someone's life - a noble deed.

Although you feel shaken, you should be proud of yourself and your actions. You put your own life at risk for that of another person's, and although the girl said nothing - I'm sure she'll look back on that day and be real grateful for your assistance... no matter where she ends up in life.

Well done buddy, have a hug. smile



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