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Posted:I have been spinning poi daily for over a year now, I love to poi so i bought some fire poi... i have burned 4 times now after burning for the first time last week.

It is so addictive. Bit to cocky with them this time but i realised that and stopped being cocky before i burned myself or set myself on fire after i thought one got well to close for my liking..so i just tryed basic moves again But i can see potential, have turning around fairly good now, need to practice flowers and getting from butterly moves to weave moves without doing wraps...or how to do wraps with fire..but I think I am getting a bit ahead of myself there.

Wow that noise it makes though. Its so amazing, I love it :-D

I do feel so very scared of the fire at all times though. how many of you have set yourselves on fire...my bf tells me not to worry it is very unlikley to happen yet my friends seem to think it would be as easy as brushing past yourself wrongly to light yourself. Obviously i am carefull with the parrafin and my equipment..but still.

I don't know having never really talked to anyone about fire poi. I want to meet other fire spinners to spin with ...

EDIT: also i may aswell ask it seens its a post about fire poi. How do i know when my wicks have had it and need replaceing?...

I really do need some other fire poi-ing friends as i feel abit in the dark, been reading up alot but now im thinking maybe i went about burning for the first time all wrong when it comes to looking after the wicks *sigh*

I bet this post sounds really newbieish *sigh* to the point i wonder if i should post this..but...i wonder if anyone can point me in the direction of some decent threads..im getting lost in different threads....how do i need to soak the wicks before burning, as i havnt been soaking them for very long a few mins....it never mentioned soaking poi for long times in the articles i was reading to introduce me to fire spinning and now im thinking i probably should have. i did everything else articles recomended, i had someone with me, i shook (opps spelling :-S) my excess parrafin, i didnt wear elaborate clotheing and extingished my poi with a damp towel....i hope i didn't miss something important with the wicks......*is worried*

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Try the meet others forum and look for other fire spinners in your area ubbidea

Edit; try here

Yes it's easy to get lost in some of the threads but try here or here

You'll get the hang of spinning with fire weavesmiley

Are you up for it?


Posted:It is hard. If you are wearing cotten it is almost impossible. Take firenunchucks for example, you can bounce them off your body and they don't light you on fire. You have to have a solid flame on your clothes for around 5 - 10 seconds to actually light your clothes, and even then jeans & cotton are easy to put out.


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Posted:Hmmm, "hard" yes, but not impossible.
The thing to watch out for is frayed edges. For example if you've got frayed pockets, or holes in your trousers with frayed edges, these can catch quite easily.

Having said that, I've been spinning fire for 6 years-or-so and have never fully caught fire, just had to pat out my trouser leg once (which was helpfully caught on camera...).

Just wear comfortable cotton clothing - avoid synthetics like the plague.

Erm, more quick answers:
As to when to replace your wicks - you'll notice your burn times getting shorter and shorter. Depending on how much you use them, i've changed my wicks on average every 2 years or so. The more frayed they get, the quicker they'll degrade.

Soak them until the bubbles stop coming up and then count to 30 is a good guess. Oh, and try a search for "Spin off cans"

Oh - and you do know it's the British Juggling Convention next week in Nottingham don't you? There'll be LOADS of spinners and workshops there - including one on fire safety I think smile

Final point - explore the "Search" button up top next to "Main Index" - it's the answer to all your questions wink

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Posted: Written by: Durbs

Oh - and you do know it's the British Juggling Convention next week in Nottingham don't you? There'll be LOADS of spinners and workshops there - including one on fire safety I think smile

I was aware it was soon but i wasn't aware that it was next week...time goes so quickly lately. *goes to look into that*

Thanks for all you're replies. :-)

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Posted:playing for 11yrs, set my hair on fire once (with my mum keeping on shooting video rolleyes ubblol thanks mum), but have seen only two ppl setting themselves ablaze in all these years.

POInt is that Kerosene burns "colder" than for say petrol, therefore has not such potential to ignite things.

Best is (as mentioned) to wear cotton, or use fire redundant spray on other textiles AND (foremost) to use spin-off cans, i.e. be careful that your poi are not dribbling kero, or - if this is a desired effect - that you're not wrapping them around your waist (which was the reason of aussieguy-pitt lighting up his fisherman pants in Haad Rin - caught him on tape running for the water rolleyes ubblol )

but certainly it's not like you would suddenly play "life torch" by any means... and that burns are staying forever.

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Posted:best bet for tansitions from weave to butterfly with fire is the trusty old leg wrap and a good pair of denim jeans just make sure you spin off your poi or you will get considerable fuel transfer and risk a very nasty burn to your sensitive parts.

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