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Check ya later
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Posted:The 19th Bristol Juggling Convention
Woodhouse Park, Bristol

Dates are Sat 15 - Sun 23 September 2007

From the Flyer:

Best in the West
Nine days camping in parkland
Large juggling marquees, workshops, games, stalls, skillsharing, new tricks
Self catering or caf.

Book now:
9 days camping all inclusive (except food)
Adults 80 Children (8-15yrs) 50
Day tickets 10

(No animals allowed)

Please send 10 deposit to:

John Carter
12 Coppin Close


I suggest you all go. Except for you animals, you're not aloud. Sorry.


Jake the Juggler


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Posted:Hmmmmm i think i need to learn to keep my clothes on.

"Don't do it naked!"


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Posted:Nah - keeping clothes on is overated...in my experience

Feel the Flame


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Posted:yeh... clothes indeed are overated

I like Languages.

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Posted:I have very obscured video stuff of the show, but been too busy to edit it and see if any is salvageable. And no interval to change my view frown
Super convention though, shame to miss the games and renegade, but hey the party in London was wild biggrin


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Don't suppose anyone that had a camera at Bristol caught any of my act, did they? ubbangel

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