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Posted:Happy Birthday to all the HoPpers in the calendar, which i just found! what a great idea! I am taking the advice of a very cool HoPper and going to the Bristol juggling and circus skills convention for mine in are all invited to join me and my mates from devon there for a general sociable weekend of getting to know fellow poi spinners and HoPpers of all creed cololur and skill bases, so, if you're in the UK and you want to come and be sociable and swap tips, make some friends and generally have a laugh, we will be in Bristol on september 23rd and 24th. Let me know if you're going and we can all try to hook up?!!! ubbrollsmile

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Posted:it's not my birthday, but maybe this thread can be stick since it's someone's birthday everyday! biggrin

And WhiteTiger, there's loads of people going to the Bristol juggling Convention, see the thread here

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Posted:cool, thanks NOn!! i will check it out!!


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