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Posted:From all of your collective experience, how many times per week to make significant progress with Poi and/or staff?

I'd also be just plain curious in hearing how much you all practice - everyday for 2 hours, once a week, whenever the urge hits you....

Do you usually listen to music when practicing??

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Posted:At the moment it's just whenever it hits me. Usually after work I'll have a twirl in the backyard for about 30 minutes. When I'm at fire gatherings in Melbourne once or twice a week I'll practice/perform for several hours straight smile


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Posted:last year I made a lot of progress when I spent a lot 1-2 hours a day practicing, just about everyday. that's not counting the going out to gatherings and burns smile

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Posted:Whenever my boyfriend decides he had enough of my Poi.

Seriously tho, about 30 min to an hour per day, but my BF gets home before I do so its usually a struggle to get him to let go. He doesnt spin fire and I am not allowed to spin fire in our complex, with one set of commets it creates a miniuture word war 2 at home.

And on weekends, depends on the amount friends around, anything from 2 to 5 hours per night.

hmmm, we should realy invest in another set of commets weavesmiley

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Posted:lets put it this way, i spend more time browsing HoP than i do practicing spinning ubblol

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Posted:i have about 6 pairs of Poi floating about at home and when i find a pair i spin for about 2 min. While browsing HoP i spin for 2 min if i hear about anything interesting if i can't get it i give up. At work I do quick spins during smoko (yes i have Poi at work and a short pair of meteors) and I spin for 10-20 min at lunch and i work on all of the stuff i gave up on earlier or ideas that have poped into my head.

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Posted:Depends what toy you're talking about. But "object manipulation" in general - who knows!
Each week i have:
Mondays & Sundays - Juggling Club
Thursdays - Chimaera rehersals

Then the other days, maybe hour or two here and there. It does help having a juggling studio in your house!!

Probably, in winter 7 hours a week maybe more
in summer - a hell of a lot more =)

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Posted:Depends... Not too much in the winter, because its too darn cold! (kinda have to practice outside cuz we havent got much room inside :P)
Maby 3 hours a week...
More in the summer. Maby 30 mins a day if I am really into it

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Posted:I'm not just into poi/staff...

I pop and glide at every available opportunity. Seriously. If I'm not sitting down doing something like coursework, I'm either popping, practicing glides, or messing around with ball contact.

if I'm not doing it, I'm thinking about it.

Poi, i only pick up maybe once or twice a week. I need to learn some new Stuff.

I htink I toss juggle more than I spin Poi, actually...

Staff, whenever I can, which isn't often at all because I don't have a stick here in Spain.

Even when doing things around the house, I am still isolating various things moving things in weird ways, playing around and seeing what cool things I can do with various objects.

All I have done today is wake up, practice multiball whilst watching the whole of series 2 of the Office, About two hours of one ball body rolling, more multiball whist watching the da vinci code, practising isolations whilst watching the sixth sense, gliding/popping for about an hour... And now I'm gonna spin for a bit...

Hmmm... I need help... ubblol

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Posted:Not nearly as often as I'd like or as I used to!

I usually have a 3-hour session three times a week M-F, divied up between Poi, hoop and cj. I spend some time with all three during the 3 hours, but it varies how much with each one each time. Depends if I'm trying to learn something new or if I'm just working on general flow. I only try to learn new stuff on one toy at a time. Meaning, if I'm working on new Poi Moves (for example), when I get to hoop and ball I just play with what I already know on those, and likewise for the other toys. Trying to learn brand new stuff on all 3 toys in one practice session is too much to process for me.

I'm farthest along with Poi, so I find that these days I spend more time learning new stuff with hoop and ball and with Poi I just play. I bring Poi & a stage ball with me to work everyday, and I often practice ball isolations while sitting at my desk; don't always get a spin in though.

This doesn't count spin gatherings or jams in the park on sunny days.

Even though it's not how I've managed to do it, I do think you make more progress doing a little bit (even just a few minutes) every day than 6 hours on only one day a week. Well maybe not with cj, but with Poi and hoop for sure.

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Posted:i've not picked up my Poi since last summer (august), last light up my Fire Staff in janurary............ been busy organising a music festival and looking for a job that suits my lifestyle peace

for me, at the moment i'm trying to unlearn everyting and rebuild from scratch what i knowcool


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Posted:it's been a couple of months with a few minutes spinning here and there, today i did it for about half hour
the weather is getting nice

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Posted:Hmm I put my firespinng on hold a bit before, but now i'm getting into it again. biggrin

I spin around 4 times a week. In total 2 hours 10 mins a week roughly (45min sessions). I split that between chucks & staff though.


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Posted:When I go to parties or spinning meets. That's it. Don't see much point practicing on my own.

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Posted:I go to a spinning club once a week, where i do up to 3 hours practicing (allowing for arriving late, leaving early and sitting about doing nothing) divided between Poi, staff, unicycle, Diabolo and (occaisionally) juggling.

Practicing on my own isnt so much fun, but i still like it so i do it when the urge takes me (or when theres nothing else i fancy doing)

At the moment im living on university campus and there is an ideal unicycle practicing area, so i have been making the most of that and practicing for an hour or so once or twice a week aside from the club, its also fun to see the expression on other students when im out there. Quite a few people are into poi/staff and Fire Spinning but everyone seems to think its too cold at the moment - i dont, people think im not normal cos i dont seem to feel the cold!

But at spinning meets/feastivals/gatherings/round spinny mates houses then i'll be at it for hours on end for days on end!

I think if you want to learn something you need to do it a bit quite often, a mate of mine got really, REALLY good at unicycle cos he practiced for hours everyday (even though the git told me he only practiced a little, i hit him HARD when i found out) but then you run the risk of taking the fun out of it after a while unless you have plenty of variety, noone wants to be doing the same thing over and over again - it'll be like being in detention writing lines!

If you want to progress quickly, you'll need to practice a lot more and a lot more often, if you just want to enjoy yourself and getting a new trick is an added bonus then just play when you like, i try to find a middle ground with the regular club and trying to set myself 'homework' to practice in between but not sweating it if i dont.

Just have fun, otherwise there's no point!

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Posted:Practice? What is this practice you speak of? wink

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Posted:eh practise is a double edged sword. Sure you can get good quick with heaps of practise, but if your circumstances change you will lose skills too.

Im in the unfortunate position of having practised and developed a load of different skills over the last few years, and run out of time because of current work and uni commitments to keep up the practise, so now I'm losing skills faster than I'm building / developing them. Which is a bit annoying.

Still - Im happy with learning a few things every now and then, and I'm still building a couple of skill streams (club juggling and capoiera) - but heaps of other things are falling off the boat eg three balls, drumming, handstands, Poi, clubs, doubles, contact...

oh well - the only constant is change smile

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Posted:hmm... at the mo, once a week at the meet if it's not raining - it's still a bit chilly really and i'm a big fat wimp really! college is a [censored] for making no time for spinning aswell though - damn my aspirations! o well - bring on summer! then i'll be out there practising whenever i can! woohoo sun, BBQ's and spinning in an indecent amount of clothing! wink

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Posted:Our juggling studio helps, but even without it i think id still manage at least an hour every day, 3 on sundays and 2 on mondays.
I work from home on my 'puter so i get itchy pretty regularly. This winter has been the best practice winter so far, i havnt had somewhere to practice staff that wasnt cold and wet before. I cant wait for the summer, so much more fun in the sun biggrin

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Posted:I do contact juggling, staff and Poi, and I tend to practise erraticaly depending on what I feel like doing and what else I am doing.

Having said that, I haven't spun or practised for about 3 months and when I picked up my staff could suddenly do the pinwheel and all the variations of the doublespin, none of which I couldn't do before smile

Who needs practise?! cool


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